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Okay, I’m procrastinating a bit on my research paper right now, so I decided to unload some of the dumb pictures I have laying around the ol’ desktop.  It’s certainly not the first time I’ve done it, and it won’t be the last.  Enjoy (and, FYI, some of these are from webcomics, and I’ll be citing/linking to them somewhere in the post).

These ladies just love it when I post stupid pictures on my blog.

Lil’ arsonist.

Steve Jobs is probably really sick of this “lol, iPad = maxi pad” joke, but I’m not.

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I make it a point, in my daily web browsing, to check out certain online communities that I consider to be educational.  This includes places where people talk about art and culture, the news, and society.  I often check in with various sites, blogs and communities that focus on feminism and women’s issues, as these interest me.

Unfortunately, I’ve found that I feel extremely uncomfortable in these places.

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Rolling Stone put some famous musicians through the ol’ PhotoShop machine, and they came out on the other side looking uber-creepy – mostly because they now look like Na’vi, from “OMJC bEsT mOvEe EvAh!” a.k.a. Avatar.  (By the way, let’s start a trend of saying OMJC – “Oh my James Cameron!” – instead of OMG, just because James Cameron is apparently God now).

Let’s take a look at Madonna from Pandora

If you think you can handle it, there’s more after the jump…

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Yep.  That’s pretty much how it goes.  Last panel included, unfortunately.

Full o’ memes, head swaps, demotivational posters, celebrity portraits, and a birthday cake that looks like Lil Wayne.

I wish I knew why this was so funny to me, but I am failing to come up with an explanation.

True facts.

More ridiculosity after the jump.

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I misspelled that on purpose.

I have a compulsion to swipe funny pictures that I see on the Internet.  I thought I might allow my blog viewers a peek into my prestigious collection.

Some of them I swipe from ONTD posts and comments, but others I’ve found through my own picture hunting Internet safaris.  Enjoy.

That is a real baby, with a real weave.  There’s a company that makes them.


Click on the “Keep Reading” link if you want to keep reading.  Or looking.  Common sense, y’all.

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This is an awesome site that I became addicted to just last night.

I stole a couple pictures that I loved just to share.


This is a droid.  With six to eight video game consoles stored in it.  Because that’s not strange.  Nope, not at all.

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I didn’t make this article, but I do like it.  I’m really interested in neat design concepts such as these.

Part one is here.

Part two is here.

It’s from a site called “Creative Bits.”  Here’s a taste of what is to be found there.

126896521_c1751ba001bloodbrutallyhonestbusiness-cardI really love the one above.  It’s such a neat concept for a secondhand shop, to use secondhand business cards.


And, finally, this one.

sandstorm1It cracks me up.  I’d love to write something like this some day.  Maybe there’s a market for it.

Texts from Last Night is a website that I just found that posts texts that people send to one another, mostly when they’re drunk or when they’ve just woken up, passed out in a stranger’s bed or something.  Either way, it’s absolutely hysterical.  Here’s a taste:

“(561): Saw a dead body on the way to the casino. I think that’s a good sign.”

“(513): I stayed in, ate a pint of Hagen daas and watched a movie about aids. Soooooooo single.”

“(415): I dreamt Michael Jackson dropped his pants in front of me and I had to ignore it.”

“(281): I called the bartender Mr. Intoxication last night. He thought it was funny until i threw up and blamed it on him.”

Yeah, you need to check.  It.  Out.


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