Rolling Stone put some famous musicians through the ol’ PhotoShop machine, and they came out on the other side looking uber-creepy – mostly because they now look like Na’vi, from “OMJC bEsT mOvEe EvAh!” a.k.a. Avatar.  (By the way, let’s start a trend of saying OMJC – “Oh my James Cameron!” – instead of OMG, just because James Cameron is apparently God now).

Let’s take a look at Madonna from Pandora

If you think you can handle it, there’s more after the jump…

Lil Wayne (at least he has the hair)

Lady Gaga (now she’s really a muh-muh-muh monster; seriously, this is creeping me out)

Britney Spears

Beyonce and Jay-Z (those could actually be Na’vi names, I think)

And now, for the scariest, most blasphemous of them all…

The Beatles

This is just a bad PhotoShop job.  Especially Ringo (or at least I think that’s Ringo, on the right?).  Terrifying.

Bottom line?

Source (and I personally found them at ONTD).