This is more of a vintage Hottie McDottie.  I was watching The Outsiders and was definitely finding the young Matt Dillon attractive.  While he is still pretty good-looking (especially considering his age), he was at the peak of his Hottie McDottie-ness during this point in his career.  Some highlights of his lengthy career include the Oscar-winning Crash, the hysterical There’s Something About Mary, Drugstore Cowboy, and the teen summer camp classic, Little Darlings.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  He’s remained a relevant actor for many, many years.  He was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for Crash.  Back in his youth, he pretty much defined the role of “troubled teen.”  He also comes from a performing family, as brother Kevin Dillon has a pivotal role on the show Entourage.  Bonus trivia:  When I was Google Image searching for his pictures, I found a few pictures of a llama named Matt Dillon.  I also just discovered that the man Matt Dillon (not the llama) is older than my mother, so I’m going to end this entry now for fear of feeling awkward.