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…watch this:

Well, let me hop back up on my soapbox again.  I posted something similar to this about Coldplay the other day, and now I’ve been hearing the same allegations of plagiarism being thrown at comedian Dane Cook.  Now, I like stand-up comedy, and I’ve listened to or watched a few of Dane Cook’s specials.  I will say the man has a crazy energy on stage that makes it look like he’s having a good time, and that’s infectious.  However, his material isn’t anything new, it’s not particularly original or world-changing, and sometimes it’s not even funny.  Listening to or reading his material diminishes the “funny” factor by about a million.  I truly believe the mark of a good comedian is when their words, being read silently, in someone’s head or whatever, without facial expressions, hand gestures, or voice inflection, is still funny.  Dane Cook does not fall into this category of comedian.

Still, I think he’s tolerable.  He doesn’t incite hatred in me the way blatantly idiotic, one-joke, plagiarizing comedians like Carlos Mencia do.  That is until I found out about some of this “stealing jokes” crap.  There are situations where comedians can come up with similar bits.  However, this Demetri Martin bit (and the Dane Cook bit that follows) are so blatantly similar, one cannot really make the argument that it was merely an accident or something.

They both mention being given a smaller-sized shoe, and wondering if the salesperson at the shoe store expects them to lose/have lost their toes.  That’s uncannily similar.

Now here’s one comparing Dane Cook bits to Louis CK bits, and they are eerily similar.  (I think the title of the video, “Louis CK steals from Dane Cook!” is meant to be funny/ironic.  That YouTube user also has one titled, “Queen steals from Vanilla Ice!”).

So there you have it.  Dane Cook = the Vanilla Ice of comedy.  Yeah, “Ice Ice Baby” is a cool song, and you like to listen to it occasionally, but then you hear “Under Pressure” by Queen and David Bowie and you think, “Whoa, why in god’s name did I ever think that butt licker Vanilla Ice made good music?”  And that’s basically Dane Cook and comedy.

Ending with some fun stuff, here’s a video of a (arguably less famous) comedian doing a great Dane Cook impersonation.


Wet_Hot_American_Summer-145I’m watching this right now on one of the awesome movie channels that my dad now gets.  It’s my third time seeing it, and it’s such a detail-oriented comedy, that I’m still noticing new things to laugh about, just tiny things in the background.  If you’ve never seen it, and you’re not easily offended, then I suggest checking it out ASAP.  It’s a smart, hysterical send-up of those old summer camp comedies, like Meatballs.  It also has a ton, A TON, of really awesome comedic actors, like Paul Rudd, Michael Showalter, Janeane Garofolo, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Michael Ian Black, David Hyde Pierce, and even Christopher Meloni.  It’s pretty much a Who’s Who of people who make me laugh, and there’s lots of retro music and clothes to be had.



The AV Club just posted this interview with one of my favorite comedians ever, Maria Bamford.  It’s insightful and hysterical, and apparently she has a new CD/DVD set coming out soon, which is supa-exciting news.

Read it!

12690-incredibadI have been a fan of The Lonely Island for a while now (since before I knew about the album, anyway), and now, a few months after its release, I’ve finally got my cheapskate hands on their first album, Incredibad.  I was reluctant to pay for it because I had no money and rarely do I ever pay for music (unless it’s a used CD).  My friend Casey was kind enough to burn a copy of it for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

When I started listening to the album, I didn’t have high hopes.  I figured I would like the songs I’d heard either on their YouTube account, their website, or on SNL (where they’ve found success with their Digital Shorts like “Jizz in My Pants” and “I’m On a Boat,” which are on the album), but I would hate the newer songs.  I was pleasantly surprised.  New songs like “Sax Man,” featuring Jack Black, “Punch You in the Jeans,” and “Dreamgirl,” featuring Norah Jones, were highlights of the album.  The inclusion of old favorites like “Ras Trent,” “Natalie’s Rap,” “Lazy Sunday,” and “We Like Sportz” was definitely a bright spot.  Even if the songs aren’t always laugh-out-loud funny, they are catchy and fun to listen to.  Most of them fall into the category of rap/hip-hop, but nothing too overbearing as to turn away a listener who doesn’t usually care for those genres.

I did have a few beefs with the album, though.  Some songs, like “Boombox,” “Like a Boss,” and the title track, “Incredibad,” were just a little too odd to be funny.  I like odd humor, but these just didn’t have that special something to make them work.  I felt that they could’ve been replaced by old Lonely Island songs like, “Stork Patrol” or my favorite, “Just 2 Guyz.”  I sorely missed those songs here.  So, while it was pleasantly surprising, and more listenable than I expected it to be, I couldn’t help but feel that it could’ve been a lot better.

Grade:  B

For your viewing pleasure, a Lonely Island classic:


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