I misspelled that on purpose.

I have a compulsion to swipe funny pictures that I see on the Internet.  I thought I might allow my blog viewers a peek into my prestigious collection.

Some of them I swipe from ONTD posts and comments, but others I’ve found through my own picture hunting Internet safaris.  Enjoy.

That is a real baby, with a real weave.  There’s a company that makes them.


Click on the “Keep Reading” link if you want to keep reading.  Or looking.  Common sense, y’all.

Some celebrity getting photobombed by a werewolf.

Here’s the opposite:  a celebrity photobombing some civilian’s photo.

America, everybody.  World-renowned for our spelling abilities.

I really want to find this poor woman and buy her a new ice cream cone.  Unfortunately, a flock of seagulls (not the band) picked her up and flew away with her immediately after this picture was taken.  She was never seen again.

Bai Ling and Charlynne Yi.  I don’t know why this picture made me laugh so hard.

“Oh, what do you do with a drunken sailor, what do you do with a drunken sailor…”

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart.  But you already knew that.  His portrayal of “Pea Pod, Freedom Daisy-Sunshine’s Boyfriend” will go down as one of his best performances to date, second only to Han Solo.  And maybe Indiana Jones.

Clearly Jay-Z is a big fan of Robin Thicke (seen here doing an impression of a cat dancing).

A (probably unintentional) Mini-Me photobomb.

This is why Nic Cage is apparently going bankrupt.  I can’t even imagine how much it must cost to get an eagle grafted to one’s head.

God is just indifferent to cotton candy.

A photobomb… in the wild!  Apparently the story behind this is that the couple set up their camera to go off after a certain amount of time, and right when it was about to take the picture, that little rodent popped up there.  He’s a fame whore.  He’s like the Jon Gosselin of rodents.  Well, technically Jon Gosselin is the Jon Gosselin of rodents, but you get what I’m talking about.

This is actually a photo from an upcoming film called “The Beaver,” I believe, where Mel Gibson plays a man who has a strange attachment to his beaver hand puppet.  I wish I was making that up.

Here’s OG Jack Nicholson and the female version of Neo from “The Matrix.”

This is just complete nunsense!  Heh.

“How much is that Suri in the window?  The one with a Scientologist dad?  How much is that Suri in the window?  For a toddler, she seems pretty rad.”