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Rolling Stone put some famous musicians through the ol’ PhotoShop machine, and they came out on the other side looking uber-creepy – mostly because they now look like Na’vi, from “OMJC bEsT mOvEe EvAh!” a.k.a. Avatar.  (By the way, let’s start a trend of saying OMJC – “Oh my James Cameron!” – instead of OMG, just because James Cameron is apparently God now).

Let’s take a look at Madonna from Pandora

If you think you can handle it, there’s more after the jump…

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Yes, this is the same old blog, but with a new header.  The photograph was taken by my sister.  It’s a picture of the little dinosaur that sits on the dashboard in my car.  Her name is Clementine.  My sister’s camera is awesome, and I’m jealous of it.

New year, new picture.  I’m pumped.

Full o’ memes, head swaps, demotivational posters, celebrity portraits, and a birthday cake that looks like Lil Wayne.

I wish I knew why this was so funny to me, but I am failing to come up with an explanation.

True facts.

More ridiculosity after the jump.

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I misspelled that on purpose.

I have a compulsion to swipe funny pictures that I see on the Internet.  I thought I might allow my blog viewers a peek into my prestigious collection.

Some of them I swipe from ONTD posts and comments, but others I’ve found through my own picture hunting Internet safaris.  Enjoy.

That is a real baby, with a real weave.  There’s a company that makes them.


Click on the “Keep Reading” link if you want to keep reading.  Or looking.  Common sense, y’all.

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