Right now, I’m a student working towards my B.A. in Creative Writing.  After I graduate in May, I hope to get a job (hopefully in publishing or maybe copyediting) to pay the bills, move to one of the coasts, and try to become a television writer.

For now, I enjoy sitting around a lot; it’s cold, I’m broke, and there’s nothing to do anyway.  I watch a lot of TV, I read when I get the notion (which is shockingly rare, as of late), and I indulge my healthy musical appetite.  I write, I learn.  I’m a knowledge junkie, and I like to go on little Internet treasure hunts.  My friends and I like to get together and shop, eat new things, make up goofy songs.  We have a band, Tomkat and the Kitty Cat Club, and yes, we have a MySpace.  At school, I was the lead prose editor of our nationally distributed literary journal last year.  This year I’m focusing on doing my own writing, although I’m a copyeditor for our campus newspaper as well, and I spent a few weeks as a peer mentor for freshman honors students.  I like to take literature classes and creative writing classes, and most everything else is boring, but somehow they still let me be in the honors college.  I have been known to perform a few random academic miracles, and am currently trying to harness that power.

My mantra is that “Every awkward moment is a funny story waiting to happen.”  Yes, that is my mantra, even though I just made it up.