Full o’ memes, head swaps, demotivational posters, celebrity portraits, and a birthday cake that looks like Lil Wayne.

I wish I knew why this was so funny to me, but I am failing to come up with an explanation.

True facts.

More ridiculosity after the jump.

There’s just something about the word “wat” (which isn’t even really a word, but whatever) that makes me laughandlaughandlaugh.  It’s stated so frankly, no punctuation, no capitalization.  And it’s misspelled.  Amazing.  Also, there’s a baby on the ceiling.

Man, I’ve never seen Amy Winehouse look better.

I think that the nickname “Maniston” is deserved here.

I wish I could say that I was the one who barfed this onto a canvas.

No joke, this was not Photoshopped.  No.  Joke.

This is one of my old tests.  They just changed the name.

Happy almost birthday, Jesus!

And whoa, I just realized that his hair is made of licorice ropes.