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Safe to say that the first season of Glee went out with more of a whimper than a bang.  Once again they’ve pushed the reset button.  What did they do this season?  Work their way towards sectionals, then regionals.  What will they do next season?  Once again work their way towards sectionals, then regionals (and perhaps beyond).  They have another goal to reach to keep their club, but now they have another year.  How convenient!  We’ll undoubtedly start the next season out with even more Finn and Rachel drama (which, frankly, bores me to tears).  As much as it would irritate me all summer if they were to leave us on a cliffhanger, for the sake of good storytelling it would have been the best choice.

What really got to me – and it’s a problem that, in all my naivete, I believed would be fixed by now – were all the blatant inaccuracies and near-fantasy elements of the episode.  For one, the timeline is beyond screwy.  Mr. Schue told the kids, in the last scene, to take the summer off.  Okay…?  I was under the impression that they would continue on with their school year.  Don’t the state and national competitions come after regionals?  So, will Vocal Adrenaline be going to compete at state competition over the summer?  I’ve done the high school choir competition thing, and we made it to state, and I’m from Indiana (which is next to Ohio, in case you didn’t know), so I can guarantee that state competitions happen during the school year.  Just because New Directions didn’t make it, doesn’t mean that the whole show choir season has ended.  It seems obvious to me, but then I suppose the show just wanted the timeline to line up with real time.  While their viewers are having their summer break, and the show is on hiatus, the New Directions kids will also be taking a break.  It makes sense in that way, but then again it seems completely unrealistic (and frankly a bit irritating). Read the rest of this entry »

Tonight’s episode of Glee couldn’t have had a more appropriate title, for it did indeed put me into a “Funk.”  But all bad puns aside, seriously, it was a hot mess.

Before I go on what will assuredly be a rambling tirade of anger and confusion, let me say that I’ve heard that this episode got switched with last week’s big GaGa episode for reasons unbeknownst to me (probably for ratings, as it was a much talked about episode, and it was following the American Idol finale), so a few scenes had to be cut to make this a possibility.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.  But even if this is the truth, it’s no excuse to spit in the face of continuity altogether.

The biggest, most obvious chunk of plot missing was whatever caused a rift in the Rachel and Jesse relationship.  Last we saw Jesse St. James, he was telling Ms. Corcoran that he was starting to really like Rachel.  Then, he was noticeably absent from the last episode, so clearly nothing happened there to cause the bad blood.  But this episode starts out with him flaunting his Benedict Arnold-ness and bitterly saying that the New Directions kids treated him terribly and never listened to his opinions (which we never saw exemplified on-screen).  He cruelly sets Rachel up to be egged by his Vocal Adrenaline cohorts in the McKinley parking lot, then takes a turn at it himself, saying, “I loved you.”  LOVED, in the past-tense.  SO WHAT IN THE NAME OF CELINE DION HAPPENED?! Read the rest of this entry »

As it nears the end of the first half of the season, “Glee” keeps churning out some fairly solid episodes.  This one, “Mattress,” (which, last time I checked, was called “Once, Upon a Mattress,” but oh well) was no different.  In fact, it may be one of the most solid episodes so far.

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9331_160415077043_55482772043_2659668_4028866_nI’ve entertained the idea of doing a review of each “Glee” episode before, but usually I’m way too excited by the time the show ends at 10 every Wednesday and I just can’t do it.  But tonight’s different.  I have some very strong feelings about tonight’s episode.

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So, finally the show that I’ve been anticipating for months has premiered, and I can definitely say that it didn’t disappoint.  It was smart, funny, and moving, just as I’d hoped (and secretly knew) it would be.

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