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Okay, so if you didn’t know already, the senate recently voted 58-41 against the Equal Pay Act which would ensure that women would make as much as men doing the same jobs.  Here are a few facts on what this means:

Amount U.S. women earn for every dollar earned by men: 77 cents

Amount African-American women earn for every dollar earned by a white man: 61 cents

Amount Latinas earn for every dollar earned by a white man: 52 cents

Amount women living in Southern states* earn for every dollar earned by a man: 75

Percent of U.S. voters who in a recent poll expressed support for a new law to give women more tools to get fair pay in the workplace:  84

Percent of U.S. voters who said they strongly support such a law: 72

Percent of Democrats who strongly support such a law: 83

Percent of Republicans who strongly support such a law: 61

Month when the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Paycheck Fairness Act, a measure designed to remedy income gender disparities:1/2009

Bipartisan vote by which the House approved the bill: 256-163

Date when the Senate considered the same bill: 11/17/2010

Number of votes the Senate needed to end a Republican filibuster against the bill: 60

The Senate’s final vote to end the filibuster: 58-41

Number of Senate Democrats who voted against the bill: 1**

Number of Senate Republicans who voted for the bill: 0

Portion of U.S. families in which mothers are the primary breadwinners or co-breadwinners: 2/3

Percent by which the number of married couples with children depending exclusively on women’s earnings rose last year: 36

Words can’t really express how angry I am about this.  How is it that, in 2010, we are still trying to tell women that they aren’t worthy of equality?  It’s absolutely ridiculous.  But here’s the kicker:  absolutely no Republicans voted in favor of the bill.  Not really shocking, considering that their main strategy nowadays is just to say “no” to absolutely everything the Democrats propose.  What really kills me is the contradictions.  Republicans want to force women to have babies (many of them want this even in cases of rape and incest), and yet they refuse to take the appropriate steps to ensure that these women will make enough money to support these children.  Isn’t this something that Sarah Palin and her Mama Grizzlies, who want so badly to call themselves feminists, should be fighting for?  As Nancy Pelosi said, what will these people who voted against equal wages tell their daughters?  What this says to women is, “You’re not worth it.”  You’re not worth taking a pay cut for, you’re not worth stepping over party lines for, you’re not worthy of equality.  And they say we don’t need feminism anymore.

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