Here’s the time when I post a bunch of stupid pictures I’ve had hanging around in various desktop folders.  So screw your eyeballs in and enjoy.

Oh, and no sources.  Like I remember where I pick all these things up from.

Snoop Dogg and Snoop Seall invite you in.  

I hate when people say things are “gay” or “Oh, that’s so gaaaaay,” but c’mon… this is serendipitous.

Ever since my sister “adopted” a rabbit named Janis, I’ve had a newfound love/hate relationship with the creatures.  This one falls on the “love” side.

Speaking from experience, no date >>>>>> cardboard vampire date.

No wonder the Queen of England owns so many of these suckers.  They’re so cuuuuute!

Irony can be painful.

There’s a ha-ha in the caption there, if you’re wondering.  It’s so wrong, and yet so right.

Unless you watch(ed) “Mad Men,” season 2, you will not understand this.  If you did, you’re probably laughing.  I did.

I have not the time or energy to do it, but if you want a good laugh, Google (Image) search for Susan Boyle, and marvel at the wonderfully expressive faces she makes.

Taylor Momsen should probably lighten up on the eyeliner.

Can’t unsee.

Apparently Egypt needed a change of scenery.

And the winner of the Biggest Douchebag Ever award goes to… Guy Who Runs Over Dogs for Fun!  Congrats!  Have fun in jail!

Bonus points for calling a 12-year old a slut.  Real classy.

Someone doesn’t go on the Internet a lot.  Or out in the real world.  Maybe he’s been in a coma?

Young Bill Clinton.  I just thought this was hilarious.

This tattoo needs more trees, more happy trees.

This is Socially Awkward Penguin.  I made this one (and the next two) myself.  They are inspired by real-life events that happened to real-life me.

This one’s happened more than once.

As has this one.

I’d like Sarah Palin a lot more if she ONLY came in cupcake form.  Never human form.

I should just get this tattooed on me to stop any potential arguments with idiots.

(This one is from Superpoop.)

I just love the way these tattoos (minus the finger one, because… meh) look.  I’m sure it takes some talent to achieve that “actually painted on” look.

And this one!  It looks f’real embroidered into the skin!

Yeah, I’m a dog person.

Also from Superpoop.

Looks like it’s going to take a zombie apocalypse for me to get a date.