Best Dressed

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda’s ethereal gown luckily avoided the “wedding gown” trope that happens when starts choose white for the red carpet.  An uber-simple gown, the most complex aspect of this ensemble is the understated texture of the material it’s made with.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron had a pretty, easy look going on last night.  Her golden gown fit in well, as gold was one of the “trendy” colors of the evening.  With the flowy hair and red lipstick, her whole looked harkened back to old Hollywood.  Usually sparkly embellishments on gowns are something I have an aversion to, but it works well here.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore, who was presenting for the evening, did “ruffles” very well.  I love the layered look on the bodice – along with the ruffled skirt, it gave the gown a lot of texture.  The color is light, like we saw a lot on the red carpet, but the pinkish hue bucked the gold/cream/champagne trend.

Kate Winslet

I loved how structured this gown is, and the color is metallic without being too shiny.  Very simple, but very memorable.

Kristen Stewart

I don’t think anyone would really expect Kristen to wear pink, so this dark gown fit in well with her whole “persona.”  Perhaps it’s because we usually see her in jeans or simple dresses, but she looked extra elegant last night.  I like the simple textures of the gown, and the way the skirt flares out around the knee.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope’s gown was probably the best I saw last night (seeing Sigourney Weaver admiring it in the background, I think she might agree).  The burgundy color looked great with her dark complexion and hair.  I love the texture and the asymmetrical way the top of the bodice is cut.  Very elegant and beautiful.

Ryan Reynolds

Yeah, Ryan Reynolds always looks good.  But, I was especially impressed with the fit of his suit.  Too many of the men seemed to be wearing ill-tailored pants that bunched at the bottoms.  His tux fit him to a “T.”  Kudos for the stark black buttons on his shirt and for the fact that he skipped out on the pocket square thing, which would’ve been just a bit too much.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra, like Cameron, had a classic Hollywood look going on.  Loose, wavy hair, very red lipstick, and a simple golden gown with delicate detail at the top made for a supremely classy look that would’ve fit in perfectly on the red carpet in the 1930s, perhaps.

Tom Ford

It was basically a given that designer-turned-director Tom Ford would be dressed to the nines.  Like Ryan Reynolds, his tux fit him perfectly.  I love the squarish lapels and the white accents with the pocket square and the boutonniere.  It just goes to show how the little details make or break a man’s ensemble on the red carpet.