My mom requested that I do Channing Tatum as an entry in the Hall of Hotties McDotties, and I’m nothing if not a dutiful daughter.  He wasn’t on my original list of Hottie McDotties (he’s a bit too “all-American boy” for my tastes), but it’s certainly not difficult to look at him.  Besides, with his new film Dear John in theaters soon (I thought it came out tomorrow, but apparently I’m going to have to endure those painful TV spots for at least another week), I’m sure to get some extra blog hits.  Hopefully.  Anywho, Channing had a pretty big year last year, what with Fighting, G.I. Joe, a cameo in Public Enemies, and his wedding to Step Up co-star Jenna Dewan (yep, sorry Mom.  He’s taken).  This year, besides Dear John, he’s got the Gladiator-esque The Eagle of the Ninth coming out, and tons of filming to do.  His filmography isn’t overly impressive, but he rose to stardom very quickly, and with his looks and his physical skills (dancing and fighting and all that), he’s basically guaranteed film roles for a while.  I think he’s likable enough, and I hope we can see him in some more challenging roles, of the non-“I’m going to punch you/challenge you to a dance off/stare dreamily into your eyes” variety.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy: He’s really athletic.  He played football in high school (which was actually a military school), and got a full athletic scholarship to a college in West Virginia.  He’s also earned belts in Kung Fu and in Gor-Chor Kung Fu (yes, sounds impressive, whatever it is).  After school, he worked as a construction worker, mortgage broker, and salesman.  Then he began his modeling career, which led to film roles.  So he’s nothing if not a man of many talents.

Per the usual, more pictures after the jump.And, this next one is for my mom in particular.  I’m pretty sure his shirtlessness is 80% of the reason why she asked me to make this entry.  But this DOESN’T MEAN that I’ve changed my “no shirtless pics” policy!  It just means I make the rules, and I can bend those rules.