8:13 pm – Well, I’ve decided to live-blog the Golden Globes.  I thought I’d do it, then I was eating dinner and it got too late, and then I decided that late is better than not at all.  So here goes.  If you’re following along, just refresh the page every so often while I update the entry – that’s really the only way I know to “live-blog.”

8:16 – For the two awards that I’ve missed, all I have to say is:  1.)  I’m sad that Tina Fey didn’t win for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical, and it would’ve been neat to see Lea Michele win (although she doesn’t really deserve it as much some of those other ladies do, I just like her, I like Glee, and I enjoy seeing newbies win).  However, I do like Toni Colette.  So, good for her!  2.)  Mo’Nique’s speech was very good.  I thought it was cute that she’s known her husband since they were at least 14.  I was rooting for Anna Kendrick, but it’s always nice to see a comedian do well in a dramatic role, as Mo’Nique has done, and the buzz surrounding her performance started months and months ago, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

8:21 – Best Animated Film is up, and I’m rooting for Fantastic Mr. Fox like crazy.  But, Up just won, which isn’t a surprise.  Pixar is unstoppable.  Up was far and away one of my least favorite Pixar films, though.  I found it to be mediocre, especially compared to Fantastic Mr. Fox (and even Coraline).

8:24 – Well, I think in any other year I would’ve rooted for Up based on the first five or ten minutes of the film alone.  Seriously.  That was some intense emotion for an animated film aimed at kids (and some fairly adult themes, but at least they were handled very delicately).  But this was a particularly strong year for animation, and two of my favorite films of the year were nominated in the category.  Sorry, Up.  I do wonder, though, if Up will nab a Best Picture nomination in this year’s Oscars, considering that there are 10 Best Picture spots this year.  Probably will.

8:27 – Kate Hudson’s dress is nicely structured, but I don’t like the color – white always makes me think of weddings, and on a blonde, it kind of washes her out -and I don’t like how the top of it meets the skirt portion, making them look like two separate pieces.  Nice earrings, though.  I noticed, while watching the incredibly awkward red carpet coverage on E!, that a lot of women were going for dangly earrings (typically teardrop shaped) and a slightly messy or casual up-do.  Julianne Moore was rocking it, Lea Michele (actually, they both had black dresses and green earrings, which I remember because I liked the combo), Sandra Bullock, Anna Kendrick, and a few others, so I think that I’d call it a trend.

8:32 – Add Jane Krakowski to that “messy up-do and dangly earrings” category.

8:33 – Hello, Jon Hamm’s sexy beard.  If Matt Wiener is reading this (he’s not), let me take this opportunity to ask him to please write Don Draper with a beard in season 4.  Thank you.

8:35 – Aw, Michael C. Hall.  I don’t watch Dexter, but apparently that award was a long time coming for him.  Yep, that’s what I hear.  And I heard about him having cancer, but I didn’t know he was doing chemo.  Poor guy.

8:36 – Whoa, Juliana Margulies winning for The Good Wife.  I heard some early buzz for that show, but nothing really since then.  I don’t know anyone who watches it, haven’t read any reviews.  I’m honestly shocked that she won.  But good for her!  The only nominee whose show I watch is January Jones in Mad Men, and while she put in a wonderful performance, I don’t think this past season was her best.  Although, that may be because Betty was rather insufferable this season, so I suppose if that was the direction they were taking the character in, then January did a terrific job at it.

8:40 – While we’re on a commercial break, I’ll take the time to say that I’m liking that the show has a host this year.  And of course I’m glad that it’s Ricky Gervais.  They’re utilizing the host very well – he’s not too ubiquitous, like the host tends to be on the Oscars.  Plus, he’s hilarious.  Like always.  Loved the bit about Jay Leno stealing his gig.

8:42 – God, I sometimes can’t believe that Harrison Ford has played such iconic characters like Han Solo and Indiana Jones.  Nowadays he seems to have no personality.  He’s a curmudgeon.  He always seems irritated that he has to make these kinds of appearances.  But he looks good for his age, so there’s that.

8:44 – I wish that the Best Song category didn’t suck so much lately.  I did kind of like “Cinema Italiano” from Nine (it was stupid, but still kind of catchy).  T-Bone Burnett always does good stuff, so I’m glad he won.  Nice joke about co-winner Ryan Bingham being “up in the air,” since that was also the name of George Clooney’s character in Up in the Air.  Surprised more people didn’t laugh at that, because I was giggling.

8:47 – I would love to see Where the Wild Things Are win for Best Score, because the music is definitely different.  It’s the odd man out in the nominees.  But I did love Up‘s score.  It had a nice little theme that was memorable, it was touching and yet playful (like almost every Pixar score).  Pixar films always have great music, but rarely do the scores get recognition (as in winning).  And thank God James Horner didn’t win for Avatar.  He’s done so many film scores, it seems a bit like he’s just phoning it in at this point.  I’ve heard some film score fans say that he actually does repeat himself a lot, reusing a lot of little melodies and themes.  Cheater pants.

8:54 – That is a great color that Amy Adams is wearing.  And she’s pregnant – I swear that kid is going to be adorable.  It better get her red hair.  The world needs more redheads.

8:55 – I’m glad that Grey Gardens won.  It was the only one of the nominated mini-series/films that I saw, and even then I didn’t get to see it all.  What I saw was terrific, though.  And I love how the producers went and gathered all of their stars one at a time and took them up to the stage in a train.

8:57 – I love Tom Hanks.  “Everybody can take a joke.”  That is so going to be my new slogan.  I had forgotten that Julie and Julia was nominated.  I really didn’t like it that much.  I think I would’ve liked it a lot more if it were just Julia, because the portions with Julia Child were what kept the movie moving, and what gave it its heart.

8:59 – I can’t help it, I really like Colin Farrell.  It’s not so much that I think he’s a terrific looking guy, but now that he’s cleaned up his act a bit, he just seems very charming and funny.  And I love his accent.  He needs to cut his hair, though, or do something new with it.

9:01 – I really have no preference with this category.  I liked Marion Cotillard’s performance the most out of everyone in Nine.  While Meryl Streep is consistently wonderful, I wasn’t overly wowed by her Julia Child.  I felt it sometimes delved a bit too much into “really awesome celebrity impersonation.”  But LOLing forever at her opening her acceptance speech with, “I want to change my name to T-Bone.  T-Bone Streep”  Seriously, though, I feel so stupid because I believed – very stubbornly so – that Meryl wouldn’t win because she was nominated twice and would split the votes.  Who cares, though?  She always gives a wonderful acceptance speech.

9:02 – Julia Roberts didn’t even TRY with her outfit and hair this year.  Way to care, Julia.

9:05 – It’s not like I want to watch the Golden Globes for 5 hours, or anything, but I do wish they’d stop cutting off acceptance speeches.  Mostly it’s because they’ll let someone like Meryl Streep talk forever (and I’d let her do it, too, because she deserves it and she’s a wonderful speaker, always very gracious), but they cut someone less prolific, like the producers of Grey Gardens, off after 20 seconds or so.  Who are they to do that?  By doing that, they’re saying that an actor’s work is better, harder, or more deserving of awards.  I bet that producers, writers, or composers do more hours of work than actors do – perhaps it’s not as emotionally bruising, or physically demanding, but it is extremely viable and difficult work.  They deserve two or three minutes to speak just as much as any actor does.  Cutting them off with music is just incredibly rude, and it makes me feel heaps of sympathy for them.  I’ll hop off my soapbox now.

9:11 – Hmm, Kevin Bacon.  I don’t know what I think about him.  I will say that I’ve always thought it would take guts to walk around with the last name “Bacon,” and I’m surprised that he didn’t change it before going into the biz.  Hate that little wispy beard he had going on there.

9:13 – Anyone else catch that little cut to Morgan Freeman downing a glass of wine?  That is probably the funniest thing I have seen all night.

Drew Barrymore!  Yay!  Living up to her family legacy, there.  I really like her.  She has a wonderful sense of humor, and a great determination.  Her career has so many ups and downs and she always perseveres, and I love how she doesn’t seem to care about her “image.”  Don’t like her dress much, though, but she’s never really been a fashion icon.  Like, remember when she didn’t wear a bra, to either the Globes or the Oscars?  Can’t remember which.  That was insane.  I really don’t know what she was thinking then.

9:22 – I think this is the part of the show when everyone’s starting to get bored, so they drink.  Now we’ll see some increasingly drunk and hilarious acceptance speeches.

9:24 – I am very pleased with this win.  The performances were the best part of Up in the Air, but the dialogue was wonderful as well.  I think that Inglourious Basterds may have been a bit better, but I’m happy.  And how cute was Jason Reitman thanking his parents?  Not everyone gets to do that while their parents are actually in the room.

9:27 – Matthew Morrison!  I would’ve loved it if he’d won.  Where are the Glee kids at, anyway?  I think I caught a glimpse of Dianna Agron sitting with Jayma Mays, but that was it (besides Lea, of course).  Where’s cutie Kevin McHale?  Where’s my male doppelganger Chris Colfer?  Where’s Cory Monteith (who I care less about, but dude’s 8 feet tall or something, you’d think I’d have seen him by now)?  Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this mystery when they get around to the Best TV Series – Comedy/Musical category.

9:32 – Speaking of the Glee kids, I was certain that Lea Michele would bring her BFF Jonathan Groff with her to the Globes.  I didn’t see him… and this upsets me.  Maybe he’s too busy with his boyfriend, the equally adorable Gavin Creel.

9:33 – Duck and cover!  It’s Sophia Loren!  Just kidding.  She actually doesn’t look awful tonight.  She’s not as done up, she doesn’t look as leathery and tan, and the glasses make her face look less harsh.  All I know is that she terrified me in Nine.

9:35 – Man, I’d really love to see The White Ribbon.  I’ve heard such wonderful things about it, and it looks awesome.  Michael Haneke (the man accepting the award) kind of looks like Santa Claus’s younger brother, who quit the family business to attend a liberal arts college.  I’m putting too much thought into this.

9:38Mad Men Mad Men Mad Men.  It better win.

YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!  It won!  This award makes me happier than any other we’ve seen presented so far.  I’ve heard some idiots say that this season wasn’t as good.  They were wrong.  It was a great season, and those Foreign Press people agree with me.

Also, there’s Jon Hamm’s tremendous beard again.  And me and Elisabeth Moss have the exact same haircut.  No joke.

9:42 – There’s a commercial playing right now for that Dear John film (is everyone getting the same commercials?  I don’t know).  I just wanted to say that that looks like an awful, awful movie.  A guy and a girl are in love, he goes to war, they write letters.  That just seems like the dullest plot ever.  And Nicholas Sparks wrote it.  So I’m sure it’s sappy and stupid.  But whatever.  The White Ribbon won’t play within a 40 mile radius of me, but Dear John will probably be on 3 different screens in the same theater down the street.  I hate middle America.

9:46 – JANE LYNCH JUST GOT ROBBED!  Someone call the cops.  This is BULL.  Perhaps this means that they plan on giving Glee best series, because the trend tonight seems to be that they’re giving one award per show or film (for the most part; there are exceptions).

And Chloe Sevigny looks like a nematode in that dress.

9:50 – I knew Christoph Waltz would nab this one.  He was beyond amazing in Inglourious Basterds. Sometimes I think he and Melanie Laurent (who really should’ve been nominated) aren’t 80% of why I really like that film.  I do hope that this means that we’ll see him in a few more American films.

9:56 – This probably isn’t the best time to say this, as he’s getting the Cecil B. DeMille award for being amazing right this second, but Martin Scorsese’s newest film, Shutter Island, doesn’t really look that good.  I’m really not a fan of Leo DiCaprio, though, for some reason.  There’s just something about him that makes me unable to believe any character he plays.  I want to like him, but I just can’t.  But anyway… Shutter Island looks kind of campy (and not intentionally so).  I’ll probably see it because January and February are a wasteland in terms of the films that are released, so it’ll probably be one of the better films of the “late winter” bunch, but that’s not saying much.

10:02 – I really should watch more of Scorsese’s films, though.  I’m ashamed to say I haven’t seen as many as I’d like to.  And he’s really such a likable little guy.  Plus, how many people really have a signature style of eyeglasses?  Scorsese does.  I admire that.

10:05 – Oh my god!  I just noticed something.  Martin Scorsese = Carl Fredricksen from Up.  The glasses, the hair, the short stature, and the square head (to a certain extent).  They’re twins.  Except one is animated, and one is real.

10:14 – I think Mel Gibson is insane, honestly, but I’m kind of enjoying that he’s slowly coming back on the scene.  He’s always a great source of hilarity.  You bet it, sugar tits.

10:15 – BULL!  James Cameron.  Ick.  Avatar is the most overrated crapfest I’ve seen since The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I would’ve loved to see anyone but him take this award.  Boo.  Plus, he looks like a child molester with that haircut.

10:19Glee or 30 Rock better win to wash away this nasty taste I have in my mouth after having to stare at James Cameron for 4 minutes.

OH MY GOD!  YES YES YES!  I’m so excited.  This is nuts.  Admittedly, I know Glee has its problems, and it’s not as solid a show as something like 30 Rock or Mad Men, but God is it fun, and boy do I love it.  This is wonderful.  And finally, we see that the cast is actually there.  Go Ryan Murphy for saying that Glee is about the importance of arts education in high schools.  It is, and that’s something that I really appreciate about the show.  It’s honestly one of the reasons that I’m so happy this show is doing well and becoming so popular.  Hopefully it will inspire more kids to get interested in the arts.  If there’s one thing I think we need in American public schools, that’s it.  More interest for arts programs (and hopefully more funding).  Whew!  My legs are getting tired from hopping on and off my soapbox all night long.

10:24 – Everyone from The Hangover but Zach Galifianakis presenting = a sad me.  “I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Holocaust.”  Wonderful

10:27 – And whoa!  I cannot believe that The Hangover just won.  I really had my money on (500) Days of Summer (which I thought would be more popular with the Globes voting crowd, and which I thought was legitimately better).  I never ever thought I’d see the day where Mike Tyson would be standing on-stage at the Golden Globes as a member of the cast of an award winning film.  I have no words.

10:33 – The Governator says Avatar, and hilarity abounds.  Seriously.  That is some funny pronunciation.  “Avuhdah.”

10:36 – Another shocker!  And I’m not just talking about Mickey Rourke’s crazy wardrobe!  I can’t believe that Sandra Bullock has won.  I’m sure she probably wasn’t the most deserving, but then many of the acting awards tonight seem to be honoring the actors’ entire body of work, or their accomplishments during their career.  I truly think that part of the reason why they’ve awarded Sandra Bullock is because of the crazy amount of money she’s pulled in this year.  But, like Meryl Streep, I really do like Sandra Bullock and I’m happy to see her win anything, even if she didn’t have the best performance.  And I loved her speaking German.

10:40 – Again, Robert Downey, Jr.’s win is for the same reason – for his career, not that performance, which was nothing truly special.  I think that Joseph Gordon-Levitt deserved that award.  The Hollywood Foreign Press seems to be afraid of awarding the younger, newer actors, though.  Anna Kendrick lost.  Gabourey Sidibe lost.  Carey Mulligan lost.  JGL lost.  Meh.  It’s just a theory.  Quite honestly, though, I was shocked that Robert Downey, Jr. was nominated at all, so I’m completely baffled that he won.  And now I’m wondering if he’ll get a best actor nomination for the Academy Awards.  I really don’t see it happening.  He’s had very little support for this performance outside of winning the Golden Globe (again, another reason why his nomination and win were so shocking).  I guess those Foreign Press fellas just really like him.  Who knows?  I hope that this doesn’t become a trend, though, where awards shows start nominating careers and not performances.  That’s the entire point of an award – so that a person can come out of nowhere and deliver this amazing performance and win all these accolades and give amazing, emotional acceptance speeches.  That’s why I like it, anyway.

10:46 – I really don’t know who I want to win this Best Actor in a Drama award.  I thought George Clooney did a wonderful job in Up in the Air, because he actually made me forget that he was THE George Clooney (a feat, to be sure).  No real surprise that Jeff Bridges won, though.  I’ve heard that he’s wonderful in Crazy Heart, and that film literally came out of nowhere, and his performance in it seemed to almost immediately become the front-runner in the best actor race.  I suppose it’s similar to what happened with The Wrestler last year (and it seems like the films have similar stories).  Luckily, though, Jeff Bridges is a little less scary than Mickey Rourke, and a better dresser.

10:55 – Julia Roberts is looking a hot mess.  Also, I think we can officially declare Sir Paul McCartney the Star of the Evening.  The camera has been focused on him more than it’s been focused on the stage.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  This is the biggest pile of bull crap ever!  God, I LOOOOAAAAATHE Avatar.  Why are people so blind to it’s mediocrity?!  I want to slap everyone who voted for that freakin’ film.  Idiots.

11:04 – Well, that wraps it up.  Besides a measly handful of awards, I’m disappointed in most of the wins.  Not really shocking, though.  At least it’s a fairly entertaining program.

As for blogging news, I’m almost done with part 2 of my Top Films of the Aughts list, so that’ll be up soon.  Also, I’ll probably do this again for the Oscars.  It’s soothing to get out all of my anger by typing up a storm.  And Lord knows that, if Avatar wins the Best Picture Oscar, I will blow a gasket.  Or two.  I will blow three gaskets.