Best Dressed Ladies

Marion Cotillard

I ADORE the color of this dress, and I love the structured intricacy of the top of the gown.  I don’t even mind the slit with the black lace peeking through.

Ginnifer Goodwin

The cocktail length dress is my favorite, particularly for the Golden Globes (it’s a little too casual for the Oscars, in my opinion).  This one is the perfect length, and I like that it tapers towards the bottom – it gives it a good silhouette.  The color is also vibrant and awesome.  One of my favorites from the evening.

Helen Mirren

I really like the neckline on this one.  Helen Mirren usually looks wonderful, especially for her age.  I think it’s everyone’s dream to look that good when they’re that age.

Cameron Diaz

You’d think red might be a popular color, but i really wasn’t this year.  So, I thought that Cameron Diaz really stood out.  I like that she paired the dress with black accessories, and the scooped neckline is gorgeous.

Rose Byrne

The plum color of this dress is beautiful.  It goes really well with her hair color, as well.  It’s very simple, with a nice silhouette, and I love how it gathers a bit at the left hip (although I could do without that little garnish there).

Jane Krakowski

Purple was a popular color this year, and I loved that.  It’s always a good choice, in my book.  Love the asymmetrical quality of the dress, with one strap over the left shoulder.

Jayma Mays

I’m not so much a fan of the top of the gown (it’s okay), but the skirt on this one is so interesting.  I keep staring at it – it kind of reminds me of some kind of pattern from the iTunes visualizer.  Very unique.

Kristen Bell

While I don’t like white too much, Kristen makes it work, and the length of the gown is what really makes it stand out.  She was one of the few ladies to wear a necklace last night, as well, and I think it works to tie the whole ensemble together.

Dianna Agron

The top of this, with the draping, are very elegant.  In particular, I love the color.  It looks great on her, especially with her blonde hair.

Sandra Bullock

Again, purple was such a popular color this year.  Sandra stood out with that unique amethyst color.  The one thing that really made me love this dress, though, was the sheer skirt.

Jennifer Aniston

Yeah, there’s nothing really special about a black dress (especially not for Jennifer Aniston, who wears black dresses a lot).  But I like the look of this one – it’s asymmetrical with the one strap and slit on the right side, and the more simple look on the left.  It works well with her classic “Jennifer Aniston messy hair.”

Best Dressed Men

Cory Monteith

Very simple, but I loved the slightly shiny quality of his tux and his silver tie, which was classy and different without being obnoxious.  The shininess isn’t generally a good idea, but it’s not overdone with his suit, unlike Taylor Lautner’s, which was blinding.  Good shoes, too.

Chace Crawford

I love the skinny tie, and the pocket square.  Neat lapels, too.

John Krasinski

Sorry, couldn’t find a picture of John by himself.  I loved the classic look of his tux, and the color.  The slightly navy hue of the suit really stood out on the red carpet (and it looked good on him.  You betcha).

Christoph Waltz

Like Chace Crawford’s tux, I loved the rounded lapel’s on Christoph’s suit.  Very classy.

Kevin McHale

Okay, okay… I realize that he’s the second “Glee” guy I’ve deemed “best dressed,” but I tend to think the best dressed guys are the ones who look original without looking crazy.  Since the “Gleeks” were some of the younger people on the red carpet, naturally they’d be a little trendier.  I love the skinny lapels on Kevin’s tux, and his polka-dot bow tie.  It seems very well-tailored, also, and that slender fit on a guy is very modern.

Worst Dressed Ladies

Zoe Saldana

This is probably a controversial choice, but I didn’t like the haphazard, messy and choppy look of the skirt and train.  It looks pasted together.  I wish it didn’t look so screwy, though, because I love the color.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry really looked a hot mess in this.  It was so tight, it almost looked painted on, and it’s a little to revealing.  I detest the little gold seams all over it, too.

Anna Paquin

Anna’s dress made her look like a gold disco ball.  As someone on Oh No They Didn’t said, it looks like she raided Beyonce’s wardrobe.  I hate the slit right up the front, too, mostly because it reveals those beyond hideous shoes.

Diane Kruger

Oh my God, I loathed this dress.  With that hot pink color, and the flowery embellishment around the bust, the whole get-up looks like an 8-year-olds grocery store birthday cake.  Seriously.  It kind of makes me want some buttercream icing with tons of food coloring.

Chloe Sevigny

The ruffles are atrosh.  She looks like a nematode.  For Chloe Sevigny, it’s actually kind of nice and reserved.  But I can’t get the idea of amoebas and nematodes out of my mind when I see this.

Christina Aguilera

That silvery structuring on the bodice would look good on any other dress, but not this one.  The color is awful, boring and ugly.  I can’t stand that ugly little belt-like embellishment on the waist.  It looks like one of those two piece prom dresses you can buy at Macy’s, but with some aluminum foil garnishes.

Tea Leoni

What was she thinking?!  Does she not know that she’s at the GOLDEN GLOBES?! Come on!  This would look cute for a parent-teacher conference or your boss’s dinner party, but not on the red carpet of a nationally broadcast awards show.  My hypothesis:  she hadn’t planned on going with notoriously philandering hubby David Duchovny, but then she heard that Olivia Wilde (Maxim’s most recent “hottest woman”) would be there.  So, she pulled that out of her closet 15 minutes before the show so she could keep a leash on David and his sex addiction.

January Jones

Betty Draper would so not approve of this black monstrosity.  The flat bodice that goes all the way up to the neck is not flattering, the black color washes her out, and I deplore that huge ruffley thing on the left shoulder (it kind of looks like a bird sitting there, which in turn makes her look a bit like Malifecent from Sleeping Beauty).  Then there’s the headband.  No comment.

Drew Barrymore

I don’t think that sea urchin-esque gown garnishes are really going to become a new trend.  Boring color, too.

Lauren Graham

The color of this is grotesque.  It doesn’t look like it’s very well made, either.  The seams are kind of puckered.  Very disappointing.

Julia Roberts

Julia is suffering from a case of what I have just now dubbed “Tea Leoni Syndrome.”  Seriously, could she have put less effort into this outfit?  It’s even less forgivable in her case, because she was actually a nominee.

Worst Dressed Men

Mickey Rourke

It’s not much of a surprise that Mickey looks like a hot mess here.  The snakeskin lapels and his chosen arm candy really take the look to a whole new level, though.  I just wish that he had worn his memorial pendant for his beloved, deceased pet chihuahua, Loki.  Keep it classy, Mickey.

Thomas Jane

He’s not a bad looking guy, so I really don’t get this whole costume.  Brown shoes?  Brown shoes?! With a black tux?  For realsies?  I hate the black-on-black-on-black look, too.  Paired with those sunglasses and wife Patricia Arquette (whose dress is also hideous), dude just looks a fright.  He looks like the villain in James Bond flick.

Quentin Tarantino

QT’s self-proclaimed “hybrid tux,” which combined a classic tux and a Japanese look, just made it look like he was trying too hard to be unique.  Very odd (although at least he brought Melanie Laurent along, and she looked pretty good).