Like a complete dork, I decided to keep a list of the films that I saw in 2009.  I gave them a letter grade, too, depending on how good (or bad) they were.  The final count was 107, which isn’t too shabby.  I’m going to do better this year, though, because I’m going to join Netflix, which is going to be awesome.

List after the jump.

Raising Arizona:  B

Valkyrie:  C+

The Reader:  C+

City of Ember:  C

Iron Man:  B-

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly:  A

The Apartment:  A+

Mystery Men:  C+

Yes Man:  C

The Shawshank Redemption:  B+

The Shop Around the Corner:  A

Tropic Thunder:  B-

Step Brothers:  B-

The Man Who Knew Too Much:  B

My Sister Eileen:  B+

All the Real Girls:  A

Dancer in the Dark:  B+

Georgy Girl:  A-

Coraline:  B+

Run, Fatboy, Run:  C-

The Edukators:  B+

Ghost World:  B+

Apocalypse Now:  A

Gosford Park:  A-

Confessions of a Shopaholic:  C-

Sling Blade:  B+

Six Shooter:  A-

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog:  B+

Slumdog Millionaire:  C+

Jesus Camp:  A-

The Squid and the Whale:  A-

Die Falscher (The Counterfeiters):  B+

The Secret Life of Bees:  C

Vicky Christina Barcelona:  A-

A Clockwork Orange:  A+

Happy-Go-Lucky:  A-

Little Children:  B+

Watchmen:  C

The Ten:  C-

Circle of Friends:  B-

Vera Drake:  A-

In America:  C

Twilight:  D-

Ghost Town:  B+

I Love You, Man:  B

The Triplets of Belleville:  A

Definitely, Maybe:  B

Pump Up the Volume:  B

Lost in Translation:  A

The Double Life of Veronique:  A+

Star Trek:  B+

Once:  B+

The Visitor:  B

The Great Muppet Caper:  B+

Rachel Getting Married:  B+

The Talented Mr. Ripley:  A-

The Darwin Awards:  D

Bottle Rocket:  B+

Chasing Amy:  B-

Friends with Money:  B

The Hangover:  B

ShowBusiness: The Road to Broadway:  B+

Hair:  C

Broadway: The Golden Age:  B+

Snow Angels:  A-

The Proposal:  C+

My Sister’s Keeper:  D+

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince:  B

Up:  B+

Heathers:  B+

Fast Times at Ridgemont High:  A-

(500) Days of Summer:  B+

Angela’s Ashes:  C+

The Love Guru:  F-

Spring Breakdown:  C

Inglourious Basterds:  A-

The Gold Rush:  A

Duck Soup:  A-

Jungfrukallan (The Virgin Spring):  A-

American Splendor:  A-

Road to Utopia:  B-

Love and Death:  B

Modern Times:  A

My Favorite Year:  C

Whip It:  C-

Crimes and Misdemeanors:  B+

Paranormal Activity:  C

Roxanne:  B-

Richard Pryor Live in Concert:  B+

Sunshine Cleaning:  C+

Trainspotting:  A-

Helvetica:  B

The World According to Garp:  B-

She Done Him Wrong:  C+

Fantastic Mr. Fox:  A

Adventureland:  B+

The Wrestler:  B+

The Aristocrats:  B

Billy Liar:  A-

Wonder Boys:  B

Avatar:  C

The Cider House Rules:  B

Julie and Julia:  C

Public Enemies:  C+

Adventures in Babysitting:  B

Bart Got a Room:  B

Band of Brothers:  A- (TV mini-series, but I’m counting it)

Total: 106