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I live in the Louisville, Kentucky, area.  We have two weekly free magazines in the area, “Velocity,” which is published in conjunction with the local newspaper, and “LEO,” which is an independent rag.  I enjoy them and will pick the newest issue up whenever I see it.

In one of the most recent issues of “LEO,” I found this opinion piece, “Reflections of an ex man-whore,” by Ricky L. Jones, and was so utterly disappointed in it.  It is perhaps the most ignorant analyzation of the entire Tiger Woods drama that I have read thus far.  Not only am I upset to find this in a publication that has a reputation for being extremely liberal-minded, but it would seem that the author is extremely well-regarded and well-educated, and is now an educator himself.  

Even more upsetting is that, as far as he’s concerned, it would be pointless to argue with his dated point-of-view, which he seems to take a certain amount of pride in.  As he so lovingly puts it, “I know, I know — my tone offends you. I am a Neanderthal sexist, a disrespectful, angry fellow who hates women because I think men have the capacity to speak for ourselves. I’m screwed up because I remind you that women cheat, too (and are pretty good at it, by the way). Go ahead and send me your nasty little notes. Take your best shot. It’s no secret that I don’t give a damn, so go for it.”

Not that I really see the point in arguing with a man who asserts that we live, “in a world in which most men have been softened to the point of making me vomit.”  I’m just so sick and tired of hearing the “monogamy isn’t natural for men” argument.  Poor men, they suffer so much.  Ironic that Dr. Jones argues that men are too soft, then goes on to whine about how difficult it is to be a man nowadays.  Yes, I must have forgotten that men get paid less than women, that they are told what to do with their own bodies, that they have a harder time getting certain jobs, that they can’t be sexually active without being called “whores” or “sluts,” instead of “studs” and “lady-killers.”

Oh, wait… it’s not opposite day.



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