I suppose these could be considered “spoilers,” actually, and maybe I should start warning about those sorts of things.

Order of business #1:


joss-whedonGeek overlord Joss Whedon, mastermind behind TV shows like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Firefly,” “Dollhouse” and the internet sensation “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,” will helm an upcoming episode of “Glee.”  There are currently 13 episodes of “Glee” in the can, and they will all have been aired soon.  Since Fox ordered a full 22 episode season, the cast and crew are beginning work on these back nine episodes, one of which Whedon will direct.

This is, in case you don’t know, most likely good news.  Whedon is a huge name in the television industry, so him making his mark in the “Glee” universe is an honor.  He’s also shown a talent for musicals, having created the enormously popular “Buffy” musical episode, “Once More with Feeling,” and “Dr. Horrible,” a web-based musical starring Neil Patrick Harris.  He’s also tried his hand at being a “guest director” on “The Office.”  Just as long as he doesn’t kill off any of the characters, this should go over very well.

Order of business #2:


ppsl01_jonathan-groffThis is actually rather unsurprising, but still exciting, news.  Groff co-starred with Lea Michele (Rachel on “Glee”) in “Spring Awakening,” and they’re still pretty much BFFs (which I know because he was in the audience with her parents when she was pimping “Glee” on “The View.”  You don’t sit in the audience of “The View” for someone you hate, that’s for sure).  In fact, it was through him that she met “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy.  She visited Groff on the set of Murphy’s “Pretty/Handsome” a few years ago and Murphy claims he had her in mind for Rachel when he was writing “Glee.”  So, that’s why I say it’s not surprising news.

Why is it exciting?  For a few reasons.  He’s good looking (check the Hottie McDottie archives, ahem), has a wonderful voice, and his role as the star of the show choir powerhouse from Carmel High, Vocal Adrenaline, he’ll be putting a face on McKinley High’s most vicious competition.

Of course, from various comments I’ve read around the Internets, it would seem that some fans are a bit upset about this.  They’ve been saying that “Glee” should flesh out some of the characters they have instead of adding new ones.  The fact that he’ll most likely be a love interest for Rachel, who already has one (and will add a second in this Wednesday’s episode), only made them more upset.  I understand this.  She gets a lot of attention on the show.  But I’m still willing to let it slide because she’s such a fun character.  Plus, there will be many other storylines for other characters before, after, and even during Groff’s guest stint.  Also, he’s just one character to represent the whole of Vocal Adrenaline (or so I would think).  I really don’t think we could expect them to build up to this showdown with Carmel’s choir without introducing us to a few of its members.  Otherwise, they’d be missing out an a lot of tension that will be cultivated by making the competition more personal.

In other words, he’s pretty and sings great, so take a chill pill!


On a semi-related note, could anyone tell me why I feel the pervasive stench of “geek” surrounding me every time I post about “Glee?”  I guess I could answer my own question by saying that it’s as if someone broke into my mind and made a show based on everything I would love to see on television.  And they continue to (seemingly) cater to me.  So how can I not get (overly) excited?