Good news, nerds!  The Gods of Musical Theatre (yes, They exist) are bestowing upon television viewers a wonderful gift.  This Wednesday, on “Glee,” Broadway deity Kristin Chenoweth will be making a glorious appearance.  As a bonus gift, she will sing both a duet with Lea Michele (“Maybe This Time” from “Cabaret”) and a duet with Matthew Morrison (Heart’s “Alone”).  Let me just say, it is going to be amazing.  You can listen to “Alone” here:

The ending is cheesy, but delightfully so, and while K-Chen’s voice doesn’t really have that “rock” quality (which is usually a necessity if one is to sing a Heart song), I think it puts an interesting spin on it.  She and Matthew Morisson have voices that sound great together, and it all adds up to one really great power ballad.

God, I feel like such a dork.  Maybe I should ease off the “Glee” stuff.  Or maybe, I don’t want to!