Yay!  I finally was “inspired” to do a new Hottie McDottie of the Day!  And, it’s Ryan Kwanten, from a show I have admittedly never seen an episode of, “True Blood.”  To my credit, I keep intending to rent it (the first season, anyway).  He plays Jason Stackhouse, the ladykillin’ brother of psychic waitress/main character Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin).  Apparently, he also has a problem keeping his shirt on (I prefer to avoid shirtless photos here, but if you do a Google Image search, pretty much every other photo is of him sans top).  He has also appeared in the fairly awful films, “Dead Silence” and “Flicka.”  Trust me, they’re awful.  Like most Aussie-born actors, he appeared on the epic soap opera, “Home and Away.”

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  Considering that he’s Australian, Kwanten pulls off a pretty convincing Southern drawl.  He also isn’t afraid to… um… bare it all on “True Blood,” and that takes… guts.  Oddly enough, I’m finding it hard to gather much information about him outside of his career.  While cruising Google Images, I saw a bunch of him with a surfboard, though, which could be a hobby of his.  Or, it could be pictures of him on the show, “Summerland.”  Uh, how about some more photos?