Yes, summer has ended, and so I thought I might compile some facts about my summer in a series of handy lists.

Movies I Saw in Theaters This Summer:

(list behind the cut)


1.  Star Trek

A nice introduction for those uninitiated to the ‘Star Trek’ universe.  It was very pretty to look at (and I’m not just talking about the cast).  Solid acting and intriguing plot (albeit a little twisty with all the time-traveling).


2.  The Hangover

An exceptionally funny film with a great cast.  Ed Helms is a spaz, Bradley Cooper is pretty, and Zach Galifianakis gives a career-making performance as the odd man out (emphasis on the ‘odd’).  With cameos from Mike Tyson, a tiger, and a baby.


3.  The Proposal

Fairly solid, as far as rom-coms go.  Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have great chemistry, and Betty White is a hoot.  Nothing ground-breaking here, but there were some truly funny moments, and it didn’t offend me as some romantic comedies or “chick flicks” have a tendency to do.


4.  My Sister’s Keeper

An overlong weep fest tailor-made to make the audience feel like a pile of crap.  Too many montages, sappy, and annoying, there’s not much to like here (except perhaps the always amazing Abigail Breslin).


5.  Up

A great animated film, but not Pixar’s best.  The majority of the film pales in comparison to the sweet and emotional opening.  Still, an extremely beautiful movie, even for Pixar.


6.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

After “Prisoner of Azkaban,” this would probably be the best “Potter” film to date.  The acting has improved tenfold, there were some surprisingly hilarious moments, and there is some jaw-dropping cinematography.  Yes, the ending is a bit jarring, and the Burrow fight scene is still unnecessary, but it’s a great achievement overall.


7.  (500) Days of Summer

Perhaps one of the truest romances ever put to film.  It’s wonderfully quirky, with two adorable leads who make their characters likable despite their obvious (and realistic) flaws.  I went out of my way to see this film, and it was worth the trip.


8.  Inglourious Basterds

With a terrific ensemble cast ranging from uber-celebrity Brad Pitt to many foreign actors virtually (and sadly) unknown in America, and prolific director Quentin Tarantino at the helm, this film doesn’t disappoint.  It’s gory, it’s violent, and it gives Germans a bad rap, but it’s oh so much fun.

More lists to come (I promise).