As Seth Cohen on The O.C., Adam Brody played a big role in bringing on the “nerd chic” movement.  Guys wearing ironic t-shirts?  Adam Brody’s partly responsible.  Stammering, awkward guys suddenly becoming heartthrobs?  Blame Brody.  But, nerds can be hot, and he definitely got that point across.  Since The O.C. ended, he’s moved on to more film work, having appeared in movies like In the Land of Women, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Ten, Smiley Face, and the upcoming Diablo Cody flick, Jennifer’s Body, in which he plays one of the villains.  Having read the script, I can tell you that his role as the singer of a rock band who will do anything to make his band famous, is pretty neat, and probably a good fit for him.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  He’s pretty sneaky and smart, apparently.  He convinced his parents to let him go to college in Los Angeles, but instead of enrolling, he moved to L.A., hired an acting coach and got a manager, and soon landed the role of Barry Williams/Greg Brady in the TV film, Growing Up Brady (which sounds like a perfect fit to me).  He also plays the drums in a band called Big Japan, and loves indie rock and jazz (me too!).  He has a dog named Penny Lane, which is frankly an awesome dog name.  He also enjoys reading and writing (again, me too) and has ambitions to write and direct films.  The hottest celebrities, to me, are the ones I find I have a lot in common with.