Why do people always assume that if a person voted for President Obama, then they must “love” him, or think that he’s their “savior,” or whatever rot. Yes, there are plenty of people who think this. But there are also plenty of people, myself included, who voted for him because he is a Democrat, and they are Democrats as well.  I voted for him because I couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, and he was the next best thing.  I don’t agree with him on some things and I’m as worried about the economy as anyone else. Yes, I voted for him, and yes, I’ll give him my support and trust, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to bow down and worship him, nor am I unable to see his flaws.

And, on that note, isn’t is a bit early to start saying that he’s going to put us into even more debt, or that his policies don’t work, or that we’re going to hell in a handbasket? The man’s been in office five measly months. Let’s all take a chill pill here.

As much as I disagree with her, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a good example of a Republican who was genial and not bitter when McCain lost. She said something along the lines of, “Obama’s our president now, and I will support him.” Why can’t all McCain supporters (or Romney supporters, or Huckabee supporters, or whoever) be this gracious, instead of continuing to fight our current president tooth and nail? I understand that they will be more aware of his faults, and more eager to criticize. This is understandable; I did the same thing when he first gained the Democratic nomination. However, can’t we just give him an opportunity to prove himself first? For the duration of his campaign, he acknowledged that his economic plan would take at least three years before it started showing results. I knew that when I voted for him, as did most other Democrats, and now that he’s President, any American who pays attention should know it.

Now, if it’s four years from now and his economic plan has been a complete failure (and I can acknowledge that this is a possibility), then maybe we can start crying and moaning about it.  Then, we can even elect a new president, if that’s what it comes to.  But America is nothing when divided (look at the Civil War), so what good does it do anyone to ride that tidal wave of backlash and hatred that seems to be directed at the man at every turn?   I truly think that, as an Obama supporter now, I feel a margin of what it may have been like to have been a Bush supporter throughout his eight years.   It hurts, and it’s hard, to constantly be explaining your political beliefs, or to defend a person that you don’t know personally. It’s even harder when you don’t agree completely with that president you’re defending, and yet you always have to defend him like you do, as if your political values match his 100%.

Sorry, that was a bit of a rant against things that constantly bother me. But, this is why I truly started a blog, to get my opinions out there for the people who actually wanted to hear them, instead of posting them on Facebook or some random message board, or stating them in a discussion with a family member, and starting some huge argument. It’s helped me to be less abrasive and outspoken about my beliefs (which was a constant complaint certain people had against me), unless I am directly confronted or asked about them. Well, most of the time anyway.   Sometimes I just can’t help but do some confronting and asking myself.