idol-journey-opener_dl-1idol-journey-opener_dlUh, yeah.  I “stole” these pictures from  But I gave them credit here, so we’re even…?

Well, it’s finally finale time (heh).  I’m still not completely sure who I want to win.  I think, when all is said and done, I like Adam more and am more likely to buy his CD.  However, I almost think he would benefit more from not being under the typical “American Idol” winner contract (which keeps them under 19 Entertainment’s thumb for five years, I believe).  He could display more artistic freedom at another label, and I think he’d need that artistic freedom.  But, I like both of the guys and will be fine with either of them winning.

Ew… they’re singing the “winner’s single” tonight.  That song is usually pretty crappy (plus Kara DioGuardi wrote it, so who knows what’s going to happen there).

That bit with Adam’s dad talking about him screaming as a kid, and then it cut to him singing (well, belting) out a rock song was pretty hysterical.  Gasp!  “Mad World”!  I loved when he did this song.  Isn’t he just the king of walking down stairs and singing?  He loves to do that.  I don’t like this creepily lit, smoky stage thing they’ve got going on.  I liked when he performed it the first time and just sat in that chair.  Good work adding in a bit of his signature belt/shriek thing (seriously, how do we describe that Axl Rose thing he does?).  

Can I just take a moment to say that finally having an “Idol” episode without Danny is making me very happy?  I so hated him, and he’s gone!  He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone!  Still miss Alison, though.  (Sad face).

I hope we don’t have to listen to these judges talk and talk and talk.  I love “Idol,” but man, do I want to get to “Glee.”

Randy just referenced “Twilight.”  Why can I never escape that crappy, faux-vampire “saga?”  Sigh.

Ooh, Kris has a brother?  Is he cute?  Is he married?  Those music coupons that Kris gave his mom are adorable, and the fact that he gave them to her just a few years ago is even more adorable.  Oh, Kute Allen, you kutie.

Was “Ain’t No Sunshine” Kris’s best performance?  I wish he could’ve done “Heartless” again, but that would seem a bit redundant.  I think that this song showcases his voice the best (although I’d kind of forgotten about it).  Nice reminder of how good a singer he is.

Wow… Paula just told Kris that he awakens peoples’ spirits (trippy) and that he Allen-izes things.  She is insane.  

Simon, Simon, Simon.  You seriously were still riding the Danny train?  You still honestly thought that America made the wrong decision (up until now) by picking Kris over Danny?!  Have you heard Danny recently?  He hadn’t put in a good performance in weeks (or, in my mind, EVER).   Kris has been rocking it out the entire season.  What in god’s name is wrong with you, Simon?!  Idiot.  That is what you are.  An idiot.  I should’ve realized that when you refused, every week, to give Alison her due, instead choosing to chide her for stupid things like her outfit or (imagined) lack of personality.  It is a cold day in hell when Paula seems like the smartest, most competent judge, but I fear that she is.

Now for the Simon Fuller chosen songs.  “Change is Gonna Come” (or whatever) seems like an odd choice for Adam, honestly.  I think the guy could sing the phone book, though, and this is kind of showcasing an interesting side of him.  But with Simon picking that inspirational U2 drivel for him last week, and now this… well, I’m wondering what’s with all the uplifting “we can do it!  Change!” songs being chosen for Adam.  Are they trying to appeal to the fact that he may be gay?  Why?  Although he’s never directly come out and said, “I’m gay,” it’s all I can think about when he sings about a change coming.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but has he chosen those kind of songs for himself?  No.  Give him something that appeals to his style, not the labels you want to assign to him.  Either way, it was still a great performance.

“What’s Goin’ On.”  I love Kris’s little acoustic versions of songs, and his signature henley shirts.  This is another inspirational song.  What is Simon Fuller trying to tell me?!  Stop it!  I think that Kris can pull of R&B pretty well, but he never gets credit for that, mostly because he doesn’t do full out R&B, but I do find his voice to be a bit smooth, like an R&B singer’s.  Randy seemed to be under the impression that Kris chose his own song.  He criticized him for it, at least.  He’s pretty much clueless.  Period.  And Simon, just because it’s laid-back doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome.

Bring on the cheese!  It’s the Idol single!  I so do not want to hear this schmaltz-fest twice.  Even Adam can’t make it great.  I will admit, however, that it’s the most tolerable Idol single since “A Moment Like This” from season one.  Stop clapping, Kara, we know you love the song you wrote.  I cannot stand when Randy throws the word “pitchy” out merely because he doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe the minute reasons why he didn’t like a song.  That wasn’t pitchy.  The song is dumb, this is true, but it was not pitchy.  Adam may be the contestant least likely to be pitchy who has ever graced the “Idol” stage (does that make sense?).  They should write a line in Randy’s contract that says, “To prevent you from using the word ‘pitchy,’ you, Randy Jackson, will be fitted with an electric shock collar which will we use to shock you when you use the word.”

Kris made the song interesting enough.  It actually kind of sounded a bit different, so he definitely put his own spin on it.  I could hear it on the radio probably more than I could imagine hearing Adam’s version on the radio.  Still, the song’s crap, cheesy, schmaltzy crap.  And, the key was a bit high for him.  And I wrote that before Randy said it.

Overall, that was an overly cheesy show.  Too many “we can do it!” songs.  Each round decreased in originality and excitement.  It was nice to hear the contestants rehash their best performances, though, and the second round was fun, both were pretty upbeat songs.  But I so rue the day when I’m going to have to hear that Idol single on the radio in some mall.  Thank god I don’t listen to Top 40 radio unless I’m forced to.

Sweet baby Jesus, I wrote a lot.  This was mostly for my sister, who missed the show to go to her driver’s ed class.