Ads_Gap_The Cord Blazer ($88), worn by Hugh DancyBritish actor Hugh Dancy’s resume has been all over the map.  He’s done “chick flicks” (The Jane Austen Book Club, Confessions of a Shopaholic), fantasy rom-coms (Ella Enchanted), dramas (Evening), horror/fantasy (Blood and Chocolate), period action pieces (King Arthur), period costume dramas (Daniel Deronda, David Copperfield, Madame Bovary), and war films (Black Hawk Down).  He is currently engaged to his Evening co-star, Claire Danes.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  Besides being what I consider to be a fairly versatile actor (and not a bad one), he’s apparently pretty smart.  He graduated from the legendary Oxford University with a degree in English Literature and Language (now that’s what I’M talking about), and is fluent in French.  As for his acting, I’m extremely excited for his upcoming film, Adam, where he will portray a man with Aspberger’s Syndrome who attempts a romance with a woman (played by Rose Byrne) who moves into his apartment building.  I really think that he’s going to deliver a stellar performance in it.