The trailer for Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, which is a return to the 2D animation form for them. It’s also their first black princess, and knowing Disney’s track record with racism, I’m pretty wary about how they’re going to pull it off. But, it looks pretty and I’m glad that they’ve stopped their (non-Pixar) CGI animation for the time being.

Does it annoy anyone else that they feel the need, at the beginning of the trailer, to remind us of all the other animated movies they’ve made?  We get it, you’re Disney!  Is there anyone out there who actually forgot that Disney made The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast?  Nah.

I also wonder if this is a musical, like most of their other animated films.  I’m assuming it is, as the Princess is voiced by Anika Noni Rose, she of Broadway and Dreamgirls fame (yeah, she can sing).  And, speaking of the voice cast, Keith David voices the evil witch doctor, which should be terrifying (if you saw Coraline, where he plays the mysterious cat, you know that he has an interesting voice).

I’m definitely interested (and maybe a bit excited) to see this.