00007fIn honor of the fact that I’m watching Gossip Girl as I’m typing this, I’ve decided to make Penn Badgley – a.k.a. Dan Humphrey – one of my Hottie McDotties of the Day (I’m a bit behind, so you get more than one today).  Penn plays the poor boy from Brooklyn on the CW show, and also dates his co-star Blake Lively.  Of the three boys on the show, I think he’s the best-looking; much better than the serpent-like Ed Westwick (Chuck) or pretty boy Chace Crawford (Nate).

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  I don’t like writing these about Hottie McDotties who don’t have extensive resumes.  Let’s just say that  I probably find Penn’s character, Dan Humphrey, more attractive because he’s a writer, and has good taste in literature.  Maybe Penn’s the same, because it says on his IMDb bio that he “enjoys singing, writing, and playing the guitar.”  And, he skiis, snowboards, and surfs.  Very well-rounded!