milo3000x0640x4251Milo Ventimiglia is an actor most well-known for his television work on both Gilmore Girls and Heroes.  He also played Rocky’s son in the most recent installment in the series, Rocky Balboa.  A hockey fan, Milo can often be spotted alongside my inaugural Hottie McDottie, John Krasinski, at games.  He also has a habit of dating his female co-stars and has been linked to both Alexis Bledel (Rory from Gilmore Girls and Hayden Panettiere from Heroes).

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  On Gilmore Girls, he played “rebel without a cause” Jess, who is widely regarded (at least as far as I know) as the best boyfriend Rory Gilmore ever had.  He’s a pretty good actor, and was at one point going to headline a spin-off of Gilmore Girls, called Windward Circle (sounds like a soap opera), but the WB cancelled it when production costs got out of control.  According to IMDb, he is friends with many, many people in Hollywood, which leads me to believe that he’s a friendly guy, I suppose.  He’s also a vegetarian;  having been one myself for two years, I always have respect for them.