willarnett_03It’s the truth that funny men are more attractive to women.  I think I have made this obvious, and will continue to make it even more obvious, in some of my Hottie McDottie choices.  Will Arnett has turned in some hysterical performances in both television (Arrested Development, 30 Rock) and film (Semi-Pro, The Brothers Solomon, Blades of Glory, many others).  He and his equally funny wife, Amy Poehler, just had a baby boy, Archie.  He’s got a bunch of projects coming up, but most wonderful of them all is the Arrested Development movie.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  He does a wonderful job at being “evil funny,” where he plays a character who’s kind of a douche, but still likable because he’s funny.  And, oh is he funny.  Although many of his movies are less than amazing, he’s definitely carved himself a niche in the world of comedy, and is one of the most promising comedic actors working today.