I have recently become addicted to playing solitaire online.  I do this every so often, where I get an obsession with an easy, free online game (Bubble Bobble was my previous obsession).  They’re mindless, and I like to just sit and play them and think.  It occupies my hands while my mind is off having fun.  Also, it can be helpful when my old friend insomnia comes to visit.

So, I discovered this great site,, which has a ton of different solitaire games (I prefer the ol’ classic, Klondike [Deal One], although Double Klondike is fun as well).  It also allows you to choose your card deck style and background (I like a Paris deck with a tile background), and it saves it so you don’t have to change it every time you come to play.  I am super addicted.

sashacleo-napping-with-dad-4may08So, I was thinking about how much I love naps.  As much as I enjoy an afternoon nap in my dorm room, my favorite kind of nap is on the couch at my dad’s house, with my Lhasa Apso, Frasier, curled up at the end of the couch by my feet (because it keeps them warm).  I so cannot wait until I get out of school so that I can take one of these naps every day.

But, I mostly decided to write about this because I was sitting in my dad’s huge corduroy bean bag chair, and I was thinking about the time I spent an entire afternoon in it, watching Hot Fuzz until I fell asleep.  I took the most epic nap ever.  I just found it odd that I would remember a specific nap, but I seem to do this (remembering certain sleeps) often.  It seems that I’ve had a few wonderful naps and full nights of sleep that are so amazing (dream-filled and restful), that no other periods of sleep can seem to match up.  God, I love naps.

And, about dreams… does anyone else absolutely hope and pray, every night before they go to sleep, that they’ll have some awesome dreams?  You never know where you’ll go or what you’ll experience when you sleep, and a night without dreams is a wasted night, in my opinion (well, not completely wasted; it IS sleep, after all).  But, a night of rest is so much more amazing if I get to have some fun in my sleep.  What is particularly amazing, to me, is having dreams that give me ideas for my writing.  The other night, I had an amazing dream about a piece I’d been thinking about writing.  It was like visiting an oasis of ideas in my sleep.  Simply amazing.  But sleep is an amazing place, anyway.  I often like to write when I wake up or am about to go to bed (bottom line is that I’m sleepy).  I think being drowsy loosens my mind up and makes it easier for ideas to flow, being halfway in the land of the living, and halfway in dream land.  And, on that note, I’m off to bed.