There’s been a lot of talk about homosexuality lately, what with Miss California’s statements during the Miss USA competition the other day.  Whatever your opinions on gay marriage, the fact remains that homophobia is wrong.  I understand that some people are against homosexuality for religious reasons, and it’s not my place to tell someone their religion is wrong.  HOWEVER, do you think that, were Jesus here today, He would be hateful about it?  I don’t think so.  I think seeing violence against homosexuals would make Him absolutely sick.  I recall Him saying something along the lines of, “hate the sin, not the sinner.”

That’s why something like Jaheem Herrera’s suicide or Carl Joseph Walker- Hoover’s suicide makes me profoundly sad.  Both of these boys were bullied because other kids at their school thought they were gay.  Where do these kids get these opinions – that they should taunt and bully “gay” people (and that’s assuming that these boys were gay, or that they’d even matured enough to define their sexuality) – if not from their parents (or at least from the media that their parents expose them to)?  In my opinion, the number one thing a parent could teach their child is to love and accept everyone.  Equality is an idea that has to be ingrained in a person from the very start.  Kids should be taught that men and women, homosexuals and heterosexuals, poor people and rich people, fat people and skinny people, and every race and religion should be treated with the same respect they’d want to be treated with.

It’s truly sad, and my thoughts are with those families.  For more information, visit this site.