americanidoltop7_lWell, the pressure sure is on Matt Giraud this week, seeing as how he’s the first person ever, in all of “Idol” history (as they seem adamant in reminding us), to be saved.  Of course, it’s Disco Night, and I don’t believe that anyone will do too well.  I predict that Adam will again do amazing (even though I’m sure that he will once again toe the line between cheesy and mind-blowing) and Alison might shine as well (just because her voice makes everything sound original).  Anoop and Lil will go home.

Lil Rounds (“I’m Every Woman”) – I love this song, but what an unimaginative choice from Lil.  It’s all pretty much in the dive karaoke vein that all of her performances have been in.  Not digging that atrocious pantsuit, either.  At this point, Lil needed something mind-blowing and original to get the votes in.  Simon’s right:  she’s probably doomed.  And that little disagreement speech she gave at the end just sealed her fate.  Sometimes you should just listen to the judges, especially if they’re saying the same things over and over, as they are with Lil.

Kris Allen (“She Works Hard for the Money”) – Oh, Kris.  Your smile is beautiful.  It’s no coincidence that Entertainment Weekly dubbed him Kute Allen.  So true.  I love that Ryan called this a song about a woman with a great work ethic (it’s about prostitution, obvs).  I’m liking this arrangement.  It’s maintaining the very rhythmic roots of disco (that’s what disco’s all about, babe) while being completely different.  The singing, I think, took a backseat, but he always sounds great.  I’m a fan of impressive originality more so than outstanding vocals most of the time (case in point:  Lil).  Aww, he looks so happy that they like it.  Kris, you dark-horse you!  Paula’s shopping metaphor is baffling and impressive at the same time (much like Paula).

Danny Gokey (“September”) – I love this song, so Danny… don’t you mess it up!  It’s borderline karaoke, but still more impressive than Lil’s.  I do like Danny’s voice, and I think there’s a lot of originality in it, but like Lil, I just want to see him show some identity as an artist.  That little leg-lift thing he keeps doing is driving me crazy.  Is it just me, or did that end super abruptly?  I’d agree with Simon about the “no star power” thing going on.  I don’t know that we will see him in the finals, Paula.  He’s just not that impressive, and I can’t seem to get over the fact that it seems like Robert Downey Jr. is singing whenever it’s really Danny on stage.

Alison Iraheta (“Hot Stuff”) – Whoa, this is going to be amazing.  I’m already calling it.  Good song choice, and she’s fo sho making it her own hard-rocking version.  So not digging that outfit, though.  Not flattering, although it is in line with her previous cray fashion choices.  I would’ve liked to have seen a gradual growth in the song from the “soft singing on the stairs” to the “rockin’ it out” part, but she done brung it in both sections, so who really cares?

Adam Lambert (“If I Can’t Have You”) – This is one of those songs that I love, and that will get stuck in my head for weeks at a time.  An earworm, as Stephen King calls them.  Whoa… he slowed it down.  I kept waiting for it to speed up and for him to bust out some true disco, but NO!  Truly, the lyrics do suggest some deeper suffering that a slow song can better convey, so I like it.

Matt Giraud (“Stayin’ Alive”) – Awful, awful choice of song.  Rather ironic and I’m sure intentional song choice from the man who got saved by the judges last week (get it?  He’s “Stayin’ Alive” in the competition?  Shoot me).  I’m awfully sick of his Justin Timberlake schtick (I know I’ve said this before).  At least his true-to-the-genre take on disco is better than Lil’s (is that my fourth or fifth jab at Lil’s opening performance?).

Anoop Desai (“Dim All the Lights”) – Another low-key  performance from Anoop.  Definitely not going to keep him in the competition.  His voice is good, but this is rather cheese-tastic.  Like Danny’s song, I thought that ended really abruptly.  I agree with Kara that he found a nice place between ballad and an upbeat song, but I disagree that it could be on the radio.  It’s just a little too dated for that, and that’s something about the song that he couldn’t overcome.  I love that Paula called his facial hair “growth.”  Strange woman.

I was pleasantly surprised at how non-awful tonight’s performances were.  I still love love love Adam, Alison and Kris.  If it comes down to those three at the end – and I think it might – then I don’t know who I’d support!  Lil and Anoop will probably go home, although I don’t think that Matt is completely safe, either.

Bonus points to tonight’s episode for having lots of great “Glee” commercials sandwiched in there.  I honestly can’t wait for that show to come on, even though I’m sure it’s going to make me painfully nostalgic for high school.