robert-pattinson-as-edward11Yes, it’s another Brit.  Accents are hot.  No, I’m so not a Twilight fan.  But, I’ve kind of found Robert Pattinson attractive ever since he appeared as the doomed Cedric in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I did watch Twilight, though, and mostly just because of him (I also like K-Stew… why can’t they be in something better?).  God, that movie blew.  But, he’s still great looking, even when it looks like he hasn’t showered in a few days (and it often does).

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  It seems that he’s committed to becoming a real thespian.  He stars as famed painter Salvador Dali in the upcoming film Little Ashes, and his performance is complete with a crazy mustache and love scenes with another male actor.  He’s also (supposedly) a pretty good musician (I think he sings and plays piano and guitar, but I could be wrong).  Plus, he’s dealt with the Twilight mania (including those Edward-obsessed Twi-Tards) with surprising grace and humility.  Seems like a cool guy.

Here’s the Little Ashes trailer: