Casey Affleck, brother of the (arguably) more famous Ben, got the majority of the acting chops in the family.  That’s okay, because I’m thinking Ben’s talents might lie more in directing and writing, so now that I’ve complimented him, I can say things like, “He’s not the best actor.”  That’s how it works.  Anywho… Casey’s acting talents first became obvious (to me) in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, in which he plays Robert Ford.  Now, he’s working on a documentary of Joaquin Phoenix’s “rapping” career, which may or may not be an elaborate ruse dreamed up by Phoenix and Affleck (who, fun fact, is married to Joaquin’s sister).

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  Robert Ford is anything but a simple character.  Thinking back on that film, I’m in awe of how many layers Casey Affleck gave his character.  Just like Jesse James (played by Brad Pitt), the audience is left confused as to how we are to perceive Robert Ford.  Is he good or bad?  Friend or foe?  Of course, as the title would suggest, he ends up killing Jesse James, but the viewer is still not sure whether we should hate him or not.  It was a truly Oscar-worthy performance.  Like I’ve said with many of my Hottie McDottie’s of the day, I look forward to his future performances.