idoltop7_lMovie song night!  Quentin Tarantino!!!!  This should be uh-mazing.  I’m hoping someone will sing Aimee Mann’s “Save Me,” from Magnolia, and that someone else will sing Lisa Loeb’s “Stay (I Missed You),” from Reality Bites.

Oh, no.  I’m not digging this “only two judges will critique each performer.”  That’s some biased stuff there.

I think it’s so funny that Quentin Tarantino loves “Idol” so much.  It’s such a… well, I guess that the best phrase would be “culture shock.”

Alison Iraheta (“Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”) – I so hate this song.  Her voice makes it enjoyable enough, though, and that’s saying a lot considering how much I hate that song.  I do agree with Simon that she’s the last hope for a female Idol this year.

Anoop Desai (“Everything I Do”) – That was a really nice little performance of that song.  He made it seem really seamless and easy, even though it’s a big song. 

Adam Lambert (“Born to Be Wild”) – Adam’s really treading close to cheesy territory here.  He sure can work the stage, though.  I like the little bits where he makes it his own, but other times it gets a tad generic.  He was in full-on Axl Rose mode here.  Of course, anything that he did this week would have paled in comparison with last week’s performance, which will probably go down in “Idol” history.

Matt Giraud (“Have You Ever Loved a Woman?”) – Another Bryan Adams song?  Geez o’ Pete!  Stop it!  Out of all the songs from all kinds of movies, these dolts have to do TWO Bryan Friggin’ Adams songs?!  I am also seriously tiring of his Justin Timberlake schtick, too.  That falsetto kind of sucked, as well.  I definitely would’ve picked something else.  An arrangement of “Stay (I Missed You)” on the piano would’ve been pretty amazing.  I think he might be in trouble now.

Danny Gokey (“Endless Love”) – Gasp!  No glasses!  Is that Robert Downey, Jr.?  The rolled up sleeves on the blazer (worn over a t-shirt) makes him look a bit like a “Miami Vice” reject.  Whoa, it’s a harp.  Cheesetastic.  There’s really nothing too amazing here.  Simon, I too am “disappointed” about the harp.  DISAPPOINTED.

Kris Allen (“Falling Slowly”) – I’m calling this now:  it’s going to be amazing.  This is easily the best song choice of the night.  It’s actually modern and it fits Kris’s voice and style.  Other contestants need to take hints from Kris and Adam on how to pick a song, as they’ve both impressed me with their song-choosing skills.  Seeing the contestants singing at the piano for Quentin Tarantino makes me nostalgic for my voice lesson days.  I kind of do wish that Kris had brought out his guitar.  This songs makes me get the chills.  It’s so amazing, and I love him singing it.  Terrific performance.  I think that Randy has it out for Kris.  I honestly don’t think he’s ever given Kris a good critique.  It was NOT pitchy.  That’s just Randy’s catch-all critique.  He’s such a pointless judge, honestly.  I used to respect his opinion more, but since he’s latched on to that “pitchy” crap, I can’t stand him.

Lil Rounds (“The Rose”) – I have a special place in my heart for cheesy Bette Midler songs, so Lil better do a good job.  Wow, Lil is actually going to make a song her own.  I kind of like that gospel thing she’s doing.  However, as much as I just ranted against the word “pitchy,” Lil was a bit pitchy, especially there at the beginning.  Really underwhelming.  I suppose that Lil can’t make a song her own AND sing it well.

In the end, that was an extremely disappointing episode, mostly due to mediocre song choice.  I’d say that Lil and Matt are in trouble.  I think I’d like to see Danny make it into the bottom three this week, because he didn’t do too great, and I think that he’s got it in his head that he can coast through on voice alone, which is FALSE.  He’s got potential, but he might just need to be scared into trying harder.