12690-incredibadI have been a fan of The Lonely Island for a while now (since before I knew about the album, anyway), and now, a few months after its release, I’ve finally got my cheapskate hands on their first album, Incredibad.  I was reluctant to pay for it because I had no money and rarely do I ever pay for music (unless it’s a used CD).  My friend Casey was kind enough to burn a copy of it for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

When I started listening to the album, I didn’t have high hopes.  I figured I would like the songs I’d heard either on their YouTube account, their website, or on SNL (where they’ve found success with their Digital Shorts like “Jizz in My Pants” and “I’m On a Boat,” which are on the album), but I would hate the newer songs.  I was pleasantly surprised.  New songs like “Sax Man,” featuring Jack Black, “Punch You in the Jeans,” and “Dreamgirl,” featuring Norah Jones, were highlights of the album.  The inclusion of old favorites like “Ras Trent,” “Natalie’s Rap,” “Lazy Sunday,” and “We Like Sportz” was definitely a bright spot.  Even if the songs aren’t always laugh-out-loud funny, they are catchy and fun to listen to.  Most of them fall into the category of rap/hip-hop, but nothing too overbearing as to turn away a listener who doesn’t usually care for those genres.

I did have a few beefs with the album, though.  Some songs, like “Boombox,” “Like a Boss,” and the title track, “Incredibad,” were just a little too odd to be funny.  I like odd humor, but these just didn’t have that special something to make them work.  I felt that they could’ve been replaced by old Lonely Island songs like, “Stork Patrol” or my favorite, “Just 2 Guyz.”  I sorely missed those songs here.  So, while it was pleasantly surprising, and more listenable than I expected it to be, I couldn’t help but feel that it could’ve been a lot better.

Grade:  B

For your viewing pleasure, a Lonely Island classic: