ryan-gosling3Many people know Ryan Gosling from the insanely popular chick flick, The Notebook.  He’s also given memorable performances in films like Lars and the Real Girl and Half Nelson, for which he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

Why He’s More Than  Just Eye Candy:  Gosling is definitely a talent to watch.  He’s proven time and again that he has some promising acting chops.  Also, he’s one of the few ex-Mickey Mouse Club members to become successful in the entertainment industry as an adult.  He also plays jazz guitar and the piano and sings in a band, Dead Man’s Bones.  In 2005 he traveled to Chad to make a documentary on Darfur refugees living there. 

Here’s a video of him performing with Dead Man’s Bones.  They’re not bad at all, kind of Arcade Fire-esque.