So, I’ve decided to start a new daily feature here on my bloggity blog:  Hottie McDottie of the Day.  I am usually not too comfortable telling people what men I find attractive, but it’s sort of a necessity of life, and therefore I am practicing via this blog.  I have a kind of lengthy list of stars I find attractive, from television and film stars, to musicians and even a few Broadway stars.  I’ll also try to give a few reasons why I find the guy attractive other than his appearance, because I feel that it takes more than looks to be attractive, and I don’t feel comfortable treating a guy like a mere piece of eye candy.

My inaugural entry is on the very show where I got the phrase “Hottie McDottie,” The Office.












I first became acquainted with John Krasinski through The Office, where he plays the lovable slacker, Jim.  His movie career has been less than stellar until now (License to Wed, Leatherheads) but hopefully that will be remedied with his next film, Sam Mendes’ Away We Go.

Why He’s More Than Just Eye Candy:  Krasinski graduated from Brown University as a playwright with honors.  He wanted to be an English teacher, and spent his first semester of college in Costa Rica, teaching English.  The fact that he’s into English makes me think that we’d definitely have something to talk about if we ever actually met.  Nothing’s sexier than an English nerd.