So, my band broke up today.

secos_09I am extremely upset about this.  Unfortunately, our last album just didn’t do so great.  It didn’t even crack the Top 100.  I’ll bet you’ve never seen it, but here it is.

cromIt was heavily influenced by Bjork, Celine Dion, and Neil Diamond.  We thought it was our best work, but no one else agreed.  Rolling Stone gave it negative two stars and called it, “A travesty.  An insult to polar bears, Bjork, Celine Dion, and Neil Diamond.” 

After all that, we decided that it would just be a waste of our time to continue to produce music that only our mothers will listen to (well, they bought the album, but I’m still pretty sure they haven’t listened to it.  My mom’s copy still has the plastic wrap on it).

So, I am sad to announce that this is the end of Crom.  It’s been fun.  Luckily, I have a new job and a new love.

cat_dancers-798637We’ll be in Branson all of April.  Come check us out.


(April Fools.  Pics courtesy of Rad Dudes.)