Matt Giraud (“Let’s Get It On”) – Really really pitchy in parts, and a bit cheesy, but I loved the slowed down ending.  On the other hand, I really tire of his riffing.  Cut it back a bit there, Matt.

Kris Allen (“How Sweet It Is”) – Great song choice for him, and I love when he has his guitar.  He’s a very energetic guitar player, and he seems more comfortable with it.  Hitting almost all the notes, too, which is more than I could say for Matt.  He continues to surprise me, every week.  I agree with Simon, though.  Sometimes he seems more like a band member rather than a solo artist.

Scott MacIntyre (“You Can’t Hurry Love”) – This does not please me.  I love this song, but I can’t stand Scott’s voice.  Not a bad arrangement, if only someone else was singing it.  He sounds like a small-town dinner theatre star.  The three backup singers around the piano make him look like Ray Charles – and of course that’s not the only thing he had in common with old Ray.  They’re both African American.

Well, now we know what Paula does during commercial breaks:  she colors.  I refuse to accept that she had them hide that under the desk so that she could make a stupid joke on Simon.  No, I’m telling myself that the coloring book and crayons are under there all the time, and are put to frequent use.

Megan Joy Corkrey (“For Once in My Life”) – Yes, Megan, I think this is a good “Megan song.”  I like how she can transition from high voice to low very seamlessly.  Most female, belt-y type singers (a.k.a. the usual type on “Idol”) have problems with that.  I think this is the most Megan has connected with a song, and she really performed the hell out of it.  It was kind of obvious that she was doing some growling on notes where she wasn’t really hitting it 100%.  Her vocals weren’t spot-on, but it’s always fun to watch her (and even when she’s bad, she’s at least not boring like Scott).

Anoop “Dogg” Desai (“Ooh, Baby Baby”) – This is really sleepy.  He seems like he’s putting too much effort into hitting those high notes, and so it’s losing a lot of energy.  It’s not good that on “ooh, baby baby,” I can hear the back-up singers more.  There wasn’t much passion or personality in it, nor did it have anything new to say.

Michael Sarver (“Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”) – Sarver, I’m pretty sure this will be the week we say goodbye to your goofy, undeserving butt.  Seriously, why are you still on here while Alexis is at home?  Ew, those high notes are painful.  We can toss those little riffs into the “painful” category, too.  Paula is spot-on, it was lounge actish.  Simon is also right:  I couldn’t wait for it to end.  Why is Michael still here?  I thought Alexis had a chance at the crown, but Michael never, ever did.

Lil Rounds (“Heat Wave”) – I love this song.  I don’t think she’ll have anything to add to it, but she’ll perform it until it ain’t got no life left.  Her hair is distracting me… sorry.  What’s up with THAT?!  Cool flapper dress, though.  This is the first time that Lil has sung that I found her to be shouty.  It’s definitely energetic, though, which we haven’t seen much of tonight.

Adam Lambert (“Tracks of My Tears”) – Interesting song choice.  Hopefully he’ll stay away from those belted high notes and show a new side of his singing.  Ooh, I like the shiny shoes he’s wearing at his practice with Smokey.  I really like this arrangement!  Part of what makes it awesome is the guitar, so props to the guitarist (who kind of looks like Rev. Jesse Jackson).  A nice stripped-down version, and a side of Adam that we haven’t seen before, but it’s very appealing.  It was about time that he showed us he could do softer stuff.  If he doesn’t win this show, I’m going to be surprised.  I think that song will be one of the highlights of the season, like David Cook’s versions of “Always Be My Baby” and “Billie Jean” last season.

Danny Gokey (“Get Ready”) – By the way, I’m not really sure if that’s the real title of this song, but oh well.  This is my favorite performance of Danny’s.  It’s his most energetic, and his least cheesy thus far.  I’m digging the goofy dancing with the back up dancers.  I’m not digging how sometimes he pronounces “ready” as “rea-tee.”  Weird stuff.  Plus, even though this was his best performance, I still don’t really like him.

Alison Iraheta (“Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”) – I love this song.  Apparently she needs to enunciate and learn the freakin’ lyrics, though.  I just realized that the background music to this song sounds like the “People’s Court” theme.  It might be.  This is a very soulful performance, I’m liking it.  She’s got quite the chops for her age, and not a small amount of confidence.  Paula should never grow a mustache.  Keep shaving, Paula.