Why is it that basketball and football tournaments and the like take precedence over the shows I watch EVERY WEEK?!  How is a new episode of my favorite show any less of an event than a stupid basketball game?  Couldn’t they at least play them on CBS, which houses none of my favorite shows, so that nothing gets disrupted (at least not for me)?  WHO CARES?!  I don’t!  And I matter most!

Seriously, though, in today’s economy, no one wants to watch a bunch of kids who go to colleges that are way too expensive (FOR FREE) and will probably go into the major leagues and earn way more money than the normal citizen for tossing a freaking ball around and touting Nike and Gatorade.  Screw you guys!  I’d rather escape into the world of a paper sales company in Pennsylvania, or a sketch comedy show in Rockefeller Center!

Next time you disrupt my shows, you pieces of crap, HEADS WILL ROLL!

Have a lovely day,