I’m an “American Idol” fan, I admit it.  So, I’m going to occasionally blog my thoughts on the episodes as they’re airing.  

Lil Rounds – I like her voice.  It’s great to hear her not shouting to hit certain notes.  She has a great, powerful range and pretty good stage presence.

Scott MacIntyre – Ok, this is probably a terrible thing to say, but I can’t stand this guy.  He’s nice enough, and I know he’s blind, but I can’t stand his voice and the “type” of singer that he is.  No disability gives you an excuse to sing like Steven Curtis Chapman.  I just can’t the songs he chooses and the way he sings them.  Adult contemporary… bleh.  The unfortunate thing is, edgier (and better) singers will be booted off while he stays, and mostly because of his impairment.  Seeing the guy talk, I just don’t think he would be a big fan of getting sympathy votes.  He wants to be legit, and I think there’s a niche for him, but it’s not what “American Idol” is about, really.  When they do pick an adult contemporary artist, they end up being huge failures, i.e. Taylor Hicks.

Danny Gokey – This guy’s song choice has disappointed me in the past, but tonight he is singing one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.  I am not liking the way this is starting out.  Oh, good.  That’s a little better.  He’s putting his own spin on it, which they love, but frankly, it’s super cheesy to me.  Why does Paula always stand up and dance for the attractive guys?  It’s so obvious what she’s doing.  She’s like the girl that dances on the table at a bar for guy’s attention.  Ooh, those “na na nas” were a bit rough, and his stage movements are a bit awkward.  I can totally feel him on the whole “I can dance and I can sing, but I can’t put them together” thing.  Bottom line:  not bad, a bit awkward, but good to hear him doing something upbeat.

Michael Sarver – Well, I can tell you right now I’m probably going to despise this performance.  I hated his performance of that Gavin DeGraw song.  Not too bad, though.  I kind of like his voice, actually.  His little girl is cute, too.  Hearing his voice, one would think he’d go country, but I’m so glad that he doesn’t.

Jasmine Murray – I kind of think she’s cheating singing a Jackson 5 song, but whatev, Jasmine!  I don’t find her voice too distinctive.  Girl’s got pipes, but unlike Lil, she shouts a bit too much.  Dynamics, girlfriend!  Dynamics!  Learn ’em.  Plus, it’s not like she’s adding anything to the song.  Then again, maybe she is and I’m just not aware of it, as her singing has busted my eardrums.  

Kris Allen – This guy is pretty good-looking, so I can’t complain.  Good voice, and the song was really peppy.  Whoa, his wife looks pretty irritated at Simon’s suggestion to not bring her out so early in the competition, to use her as a vote-getting strategy for later.  He’s probably right.

Allison Iraheta – I really loved her voice last time she performed.  I also had no idea she was Latina.  Cool.  Ten bucks says Simon will pick on her outfit.  She reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, which is a good thing.  Interesting song choice, I can’t even tell that this was ever a Michael Jackson song.  Whoa… she’s 16.  She’s officially accomplished more than I had when I was 16.

Anoop Dogg – Oh, “Beat It.”  How you remind me of my childhood.  Don’t ruin my childhood Anoop.  Nice haircut, though.  Kind of a surprising choice, as I don’t see “Beat It” as a particularly taxing song, vocal-wise.  He’s doing his best at adding some vocal gymnastics, though, and most of them are sure-footed.  What I like about Anoop is that I never find him amazing and I never find him terrible.  He’s consistently good.  However, I really think, in the end, he should’ve picked a different song.  Maybe that song from “Free Willy?”  Yeah, that one.  I think this song will work for and against him.  For him because everyone knows it (and most sane people love it), but against him because the judges hated it and it wasn’t too interesting.

Jorge Nunez – Jorge just cracks me up, and I don’t know why.  I love the song, okay on the performance.  He has a very rich voice.  Solid vocals.  I think I would’ve liked to have seen him sing a different song, just like the judges.  He says it’s not his usual style, so I think he should’ve tried to pick something he could have put his own twist on.  I’m going to steal EW.com’s idea and say that Jorge should’ve sung “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin'” because it would’ve been amazing.

Megan Corkrey – Well, it’s time to admit it.  I love Megan.  Though I will say this… Megan, your brother… woof.  Her son is uh-dor-able.  Interesting choice on song, but it totally fits her.  She’s pretty much the only one who picked a song directly in their style tonight.  I love her awkward dancing, it cracks me up.  She kind of reminds me of Duffy, but with a way less annoying voice.  This is most certainly her liveliest performance, and I hope the judges acknowledge that she’s doing awesome.  But I’m biased because she’s my favorite.  That cawing at the end of the song… absolutely hysterical.  “That’s so Megan.”  Ha!  Great catch phrase, Randy.  Judges… you full of bull!  I don’t think Simon likes her because he has this vision of the kind of artist that he wants to promote on “Idol,” and she just doesn’t fit into that box.

Adam Lambert – Adam, you better sing “Bad.”  That song was made for him to sing.  Well, it was made for MJ to sing, and for Adam to sing on “Idol.”  No!  Not “Bad?”  Adam, you better make it up to me.  I like Adam, but sometimes he shouts, and I dislike that.  He’s controlling it so far on this song.  His voice reminds me of someone, but I can’t put my finger on it.  Annoying.  He sure can work a stage, and I have to give props for him having a musical theatre background, which I definitely see tonight.  Okay, okay.  I consent.  This song was probably a better choice than “Bad.”  But, I still would like to hear his “Bad.”  Because I’m bad, I’m bad, shamon!  

Oh, Paula.  If you cry, I’m going to scream.  You are such a ridiculous druggie.  What is up with that ridiculous pendant bracelet she’s wearing?

Is it weird that I think Simon has a great smile?  It’s rare, but when it shows up, it just lights his face up.

Ho, geez!  Adam is taller than I thought.  He’s almost a head taller than Ryan.  Of course, Ryan is a midget, but I thought Adam seemed a bit petite too.  Wrong!

Matt Giraud – He comes off as a bit cocky, to me.  His persona makes me kind of hate him, and he’s yet to prove himself vocally.  He looks exactly like his dad, though.  Pretty cool to finally see him at the piano, giving Scott a run for his money.  I think he wants to be Justin Timberlake way, way too much (and so obviously, too).  It almost seems like he’s doing an impersonation of JT doing an impression of MJ.  WHY DO THEY ALWAYS CUT TO PAULA WHEN THE GUYS SING?!  We get it.  She’s an aging, horny drug addict who has the good fortune to watch hot young men perform for her.  Oh, see!  Randy caught the Justin Timberlake thing, too, so it must be obvious.  Paula just called him sexy, like we didn’t already know she thought that.  His falsetto is very solid.  Couldn’t someone cover up that blemish that’s smack-dab in the middle of his forehead, though?  Yick.

Alexis Grace – What a pleasant surprise!  I completely forgot she was even on the show, let alone performing.  I predict she will be a nice closing performance.  There are so many parents on this season!  It’s amazing.  She’s got a great star-quality name.  I like that her voice is edgy and jazzy at the same time, and can go to the extremes of either styles.  For someone who looks so tiny, she’s got quite the voice, and she’s got a great confidence on the stage.  Her daughter may be the cutest of all the “Idol” children this season.  I do think it was a bit over-the-top towards the end.  She should’ve started off a little softer and done a slow-burn, and ended up slightly less intense.