This will probably be a thing I’ll do often, as my tastes revolve constantly, like a carousel.  I’m working on my figurative language skills, give me a break.

These bands:

-Arctic Monkeys

-The New Pornographers

-Of Montreal


-The musical, “In the Heights”


-Foreign films

-“My Year of Meats” by Ruth L. Ozeki

-The fact that “Watchmen” comes out this weekend

-The fact that by 12 o’clock Friday, I’ll be on spring break

-Frito Honey BBQ Flavor Twists

Things I’m Not Digging:

-The cold

-The fact that I have a psych test at 9 in the morning

-The cold

-The fact that I’m not out of school right now

-The cold

-This headache I have

-The cold

-The fact that both “Gossip Girl” and “The Office” have been in re-runs lately.